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Peyton coming?

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I do think they are setting themselves up nicely for the future.
Rams, lol
Originally posted by frenchmov:
lol jeff fisher had 2 playoff wins in his last 10 years with the titans. he is overrated. the rams will be better but their roster is littered with s**t from top to bottom.

the seachickens are signing a new starting QB every year.

the cards have no plan except trying to luck out on another HOF qb to guide them through. when that falls through (which it will), they'll be back to square 1 which is they have no offensive line and no skill players beyond larry fitz. good enough for 4-8 wins a year, nothing more

I don't think the Seahawks are going anywhere. The Cardinals are a tough team though. With a QB, they COULD come up out of nowhere, but they're totally dependent on a QB.

As for the Rams. There's a reason why they're picking #2 in the draft. They're just THAT bad. If they draft well, they could be very good in 3 years, and Fisher, in my opinion is a good coach. But they're still not a threat for awhile.

Our team is a juggernaut of a team. I have a feeling we can be a dominant team, especially with our defense. On offense, we can only get better, and that's a scary thought for the rest of the league.
you are evil if u changed the thread topic, knowning all these pages in this thread would give make it seem valid. pure
I will remain in denial and hopeful until Mr. Manning signs with another team.
I don't know what happened with the merger/title change, etc., but this thread is now a disaster waiting to happen. El Lock-O.
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