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any one worried that we couldnt resign tko?

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Yeah, he wants to go to a contender in the twilight of his career. He was a good mentor to P-Will and the rest of the guys. I wish him good luck.
The move makes perfect sense. J. Harbaugh came to win a Lombardi Trophy. This is not going to happen this year and most likely not next year. Takeo would not be on board anyway when we get there. It is much better to replace him with Bowman as a starter. We may lose short term, but the ultimate goal is not the 2011 season.
As much as I love Spikes as a player, I'm not at all upset with the move. He was getting older, and if we do have position we're deep in, it's ILB's. Honestly I'm much more worried about what will happen along the D-line if Franklin leaves.
While Takeo had a great year for us on the field last year, where we will miss him the most is in the locker room. He was a true leader of the team. Without TKO, there's a big void in this regard.

It seems to me that TKO was open to coming back, but he just didn't have the mutual interest from us. I find that a little bizarre as I thought TKO signing with us was a foregone conclusion.

I liked TKO and the leadership and attitude he brought to the club , so thanks TKO. I hope Bowman or Mckillop can start the learning process quickly and that it can be a rather seamless transition.

I wouldn't have signed TKO to an extended contract either.
Barrows just tweeted that it looks like baas is gone aswell... this is what im worried about!
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
I cant even lie, I like TKO, but i have to say what did bother me this offseason is his comment about taking part in what they called "Camp Alex". I mean i personally didnt like his opinion that it was done to draw attention to themselves or for publicity. That was kind of a shot in the dark. I mean, yeah your good, but your not that good, vet or not.

And then when i heard Sapp and Dukes on TV talking about the issue of two-adays, and they made the comment, come on guys it's football, and a mans game. Then TKO said on ESPN, yeah man im so glad we got rid of those two a days, cuz they were killing us.

Now im not in the NFL, so i cant tell you what they are like. But all i know is youd never hear Ray Lewis or even Pwilly complain about two a days. The more work you put in, the better you are, IMHO, and your never to good that you cant get better.

It just seemed in a way that his killer mindset, and training, and still working on his craft is gone. So maybe with him, there is no more upside. And yeah he helped in top 3 in tackles I think, but then again he was on the defense that did give up big points and plays, and he cant really drop into coverage.

So as a result, he'll be missed for a day, but i mean it's not like getting rid of P.Willy.

Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle says 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis will not miss fewer padded practices. Willis on protections written into the new labor agreement: "Honestly, I'm glad they put that in there. At the end of the day, we're high-impact players. For us to go out there and hit each other twice a day and it's me against you and it's everything I've got against you, it takes a toll on your body."
I think Bowman will be fine there. He was awesome in that game against AZ, and called the defense. I think he is ready.
Spikes is awesome, and has been one of my favorite Niners over the last couple of years--a great player, great leader, and a guy who still played his heart out no matter how s**tty we were as a team.

But giving him a three year deal is insanity. We drafted Bowman to be the future at ILB; Spikes was not the future. Wish him well, but have no problem moving on.
Agree with those who would not give a 3 year contract to TKO, even though we really like him as a player. You can't mortgage your team to players in their mid to late thirties. McKillop is coming back and Bowman has a year under his belt, so all it not gloomy. Fangio will have more movement and blitzing so a player of age is/could be a liability.

I'm assuming scheme will really change next year and the 9ers know what they are doing. Teams who are jumping on early FAs either have a particular need, Giants with Baas, or are reactionary. The niners should be commended for not throwing unreasonable money at semi helpful FAs.

Originally posted by Hopper:
No. We're headed for a rebuilding year anyway. I think TKO obviously saw the same thing.

I think you are right. Dark clouds in 2011.
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