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No doubt in my mind Niners will be SB contenders for 2012 season

...However, the big enigma is how they will do this year. Unfortunately, there is a chance of stumbling and bumbling as most teams with new head coaches are likely to do due to the nonexistant offseason. But there also could be a very intriguing outlook I could see unfolding. A. Smith will finally have competent offensive coaching while older than the age of 22. Harbaugh will know how to create mismatches, be unpredictable, and keep defenses on their toes. Crabtree could easily blossom into a 1200 yard receiver. Morgan I can see getting 700 yards with the rest of the WR corps good for maybe 600. Davis should be penciled in for a 1000 yard season. Walker and Gore could easily combine for 800+...That's over 4000 yards and obviously all this is dependent on Smith flourishing with Harbaugh coaching him and implementing his system. All this combined with a top 3-5 back like Gore and a rock solid defense that, if we keep Franklin/Spikes/Goldson, should be as good if not better, I think 11-5 is attainable which should easily win the NFC West. Let's hope this lockout doesn't hurt the chances of everyone playing up to their ability. Either way though, in 2012, regardless of who's at QB (either Smith, which would mean he balled in 2011 and should only be better, or Kaepernick, who will have had a year to adapt to the pro game and should be good to go), we should compete for the Lombardi. Also, by then Aldon Smith will be a beast and double digit sackmaster extraordinaire.

Plus, I really only see 4 tough games- @Eagles, Giants, @Ravens, and Steelers
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Well I like your positive attitude bro, go 9ers!
Hell yeah!!
We will be SB contenders for the 2011 season
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Best thread I've read in a long time! Appreciated! Love the enthusiasm, an truth be told our players are more than capable to do such numbers. To finally have an offensive minded coach is really going to boggle a lot of our minds. We have forgotten 49ers football. I hope that it is finally back, and I believe Harbaugh will be a great coach. Not to mention our seasoned staff behind him.

Let's get back to winning ways shall we?
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Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
Well I like your positive attitude bro, go 9ers!
Alex smith=doubt
Originally posted by Snider8706:
Alex smith=doubt

Alex Smith= FAIL
Originally posted by bigmike55:
Originally posted by Snider8706:
Alex smith=doubt

Alex Smith= FAIL

In the guy's defense, how many other QB's would have done well given what he had to go through. As a 21 year old, he took over for a 2-14 team, played behind an awful line, and had an awful receiving corps. Played well as a 22 year old in '06 (even with no dangerous weapons at his disposal) and looked to have a skyhigh limit. Started off 2-1 with a horrible OC in '07 and then injuries wiped the rest of that year and '08. Actually played some decent ball in '09 and '10- hell, he was better last year than Kevin Kolb (who some team will give up a king's ransom to acquire)- look it up. And that's with a ton of well thrown balls that were tipped and intercepted and always facing head from whoever Anthony Davis was blocking. And you can't disregard he played for Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary and Jimmy Raye and Jim Hostler who had no idea about how to have a successful offense or develop a QB. And a new OC EVERY year of his career. Peyton Manning had the same OC from '98-'10. Who else would have done well if they were in his shoes. He's got some legitimate excuses IMO, and even with them has played decently. People also need to make sure they omit from their memory banks the 3 starts he was awful in in the middle of '07 when he came back from the shoulder before they realized he needed to shut it down. His shoulder was shredded- can't judge him on those games.
Interesting. As a team they were held back by poor player development and dismal coaching. Right now I don't think either we or the NFL know what we have got out there. But thanks to the lockout I suspect we may struggle this year.

Very optimistic for 2012, though.

Originally posted by pelos21:
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
Well I like your positive attitude bro, go 9ers!
The optimism is wonderful, but realism would dictate that we would at least have to surpass Green Bay, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, NY (Giants), Philly in the NFC just to make it to the Super Bowl.

Tall order.
Alex Smith throwing for over 4K?
We have huge question marks before we are contenders.

~ QB
~ CB
~ FS
~ SS
~ OLB pass rusher

~ HC - I like Harbaugh a lot but he hasn't proven anything in the pros yet.

Give it a little time.

Realistically looking at it we should be an ascending team from 2013 - 2015. But by then we are looking at having to replace Frank Gore.

The most important things for us would be for Harbaugh to work out and for a QB to step up. The rest will solve itself in a few offseasons of drafting and FA.
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