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Yes I would trade him. He's had two torn up knees and a shattered hip also. Plus he's getting older and taken a heck of a pounding. People are unrealistic if they think he will last much longer.

But for the 3 injury reasons above and the pounding he's taken nobody would give you a lot. So it won't happen.

Pretty sure he will expire at 30 like most running backs do, so he has 1-2 decent years left. With year 7 of Alex Smith, and 2 years development for Kap, by the time this team hits contender potential Gore will be ready to retire or get limited carries. Why not get something for him, if you can. Trading him to a SB caliber team is not going to effect the pick you get, no one is going to trade a first or second for a high mileage running back pushing 30, unless they are ran by morons and those teams don't win Super Bowls.

I agree.