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Does having Harbaugh give you more comfort in this draft?

i think i can trust harbaugh to fix our most glaring need a lot more than sing and nolan. if harbaugh knows one thing its QBs. just with that knowledge alone i can rest assured that he will get the right man for the job
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Originally posted by LoboLtnLvr49er:

lol - Definately makes me feel more confident but i think we have been hitting on a lot of our recent drafts with some of the players like Patrick, Vernon, Gore, etc.

It is a crap shoot but teams are more prepared than ever when they study a player unless you have a dumba$$ like Al Davis running the team
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Originally posted by nvninerfan1:
Absolutely not. I witnessed Walsh and Seifert missing ocassionally. It's a crap shoot.

Calling the draft "a crap shoot" misses the point. It sounds like you should just close your eyes and throw darts. Walsh said that everyone misses occasionally, but the measure of draft success is whether you miss more often, or less often, than the average. Matt Maiocco's recent survey of draft success indicates that, since 2006, the 49ers have probably been about average, or a little below. Hence, no winning seasons since 2002 and counting. But the biggest problem with 49er drafting has been the failure at the high impact positions, most especially quarterback. Drafting Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore, while great, is not enough to offset the failure to find and develop a quarterback.

I feel good with Harbaugh going into this draft because he has a track record of being better than average at identifying future quarterback success. Just as important, I feel confident, for the first time in many years, that we have a Head Coach and staff in place that can develop the quarterback they choose and give him the best possible chance of success. I don't subscribe to the notion that a quarterback's fate is sealed on draft day. I believe that the system he goes into, the supporting cast he has around him, and the way that he is coached and developed are at least as important as his innate ability and drive to succeed. Harbaugh gives me confidence that the 49ers will finally get it right at the most important position because they have the ability to evaluate, select, AND develop the quarterback of the future.
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Originally posted by NickSh49:
Just regarding the QB search.

This but I would add for me it has more to due with the coaches ability to groom a QB more than the selection itself. With that said, I feel that can be a huge difference in a QB success or lack of.
All you can do is hope some of them pan out. There are no guarantees. As an Alabama fan, I would hate to see the Rumps get Julio Jones. That's all I've got to say.
I feel good about the draft with Harbaugh primarily because he's been so close to the college game in recent years and should know the prospects better than most. I heard Jimmy Johnson say he had a real advantage in the draft his first few years with the cowgirls for the same reason. Gotta say Pete C. was pretty solid drafting last year too (much as I hate to admit it) in the same circumstance.

I'm not saying he can't miss - they ALL do. Hopefully things fall our way. GO NINERS!!!
I feel Harbaugh will suffer from the lockout but build with the draft better than anybody in the past decade. his idea of what will succeed in the NFL has to be better than singletary. draft needs to hurry up - realtalk.
I trust that he'll be able to get the most out of the players we draft, so yes, Harbaugh gives me a lot of comfort!
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Originally posted by nvninerfan1:
Absolutely not. I witnessed Walsh and Seifert missing ocassionally. It's a crap shoot.

It has to make you feel better than having Dingletary, right?
In terms of the QB position yes but other than that I don't have any more or less comfort with him in the draft.

The biggest problem with the team hasn't been the talent but the utilization of the talent which is where I'm putting my confidence in him to get right.

Pete Carroll will rue the day...
Originally posted by nvninerfan1:
Absolutely not. I witnessed Walsh and Seifert missing ocassionally. It's a crap shoot.

Just more comfortable with Harbaugh in general...
Yes, excited to see what he does or doesn't do.
new gm, new coach... i hope for better days with these two at the helm, and i feel they'll do fine.
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