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Round 2, #36, the San Francisco 49ers selects Colin Kaepernick (QB) Nevada

Kid needs to play lightout like last week to start, alex healthy is the 3rd rated passer in the nfl. Kid keeps playing this good we can get a nice deal for an alex trade, if not we go back to the check down safe throws that set up the run and the defense to play with a lead!
One thing that stood out to me...

They were interviewing Boone after the game, and the reporter asked him what it was like with Colin Kaepernick in the huddle. Boone didn't reply with the usual, "He does a good job", "He has our respect", "We trust him", "We believe in him". The first thing he said was, "He's funny".

Humor is the fire that leadership is forged with. If Kaepernick can come into his first NFL start and show the poise and confidence to make veteran teammates more comfortable in the huddle, that speaks volumes for how far he can lead this team.
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