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Round 2, #36, the San Francisco 49ers selects Colin Kaepernick (QB) Nevada

I like the idea of this thread. Those back-up QB's have it too easy sitting around during games holding clipboards and talking about which brands of socks are the most comfortable. We need to get them off of their butts during game and get them into the action. Kaepernick can play WR and back-up long-snapper and Tolzein can be an H-Back and punt returner.
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Why would you want to put our best option if Alex goes down in a position to possibly get hurt? Yeah I think he's an athletic freak but he's a QB not a WR.

The answer's obvious: this is a Tolzien thread in disguise!
Hunter @ QB > Kaep @ WR
Fus ro dah!
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Yep, it's the offseason.

sad to say; OFFICIALLY.........


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i dont know why so many ppl count Kap out of the race for our QB. yea he threw alot of interceptions in the preseason but most rookies would given the short offseason. Dalton looked down right awful in preseason and he made me eat a whole lot of crow this season.

I like alex but i dont really expect him to be an elite QB. he goes into conservative mode too much.

Kap has good accuracy, a rocket arm, and incredible mobility

Have a little more faith in Harbaughs decision to trade up for him in the 2nd.


i have 2 questions what makes yu think alex cant be elite?

he had 17 tds and 5 int where we had no offseason first eason in a WCO where teams only do good in WCO after 2 years

on top of that we have the most dropped passes in nfl and have a horrible WR talent

so youre honestly telling me he cant be elite with a whole offseason and at least decent wRs?

and the conservative mode is harbaughs system thats how he wants his qbs to play so im assuming youve never seen andrew luck in stanford because he plays the EXACT same way only difference is hes doing it against mediocore college players

and i dont get where youre getting the kaep is accurate comment he wasnt accurate in preseason and he wasnt accurate in college

so im curious to where else youve seen him play?
Kap would have beaten the Giants.
Originally posted by SF49_Benitez:
I'm not jokin ..

Bring in KAP..

cheers to all of you who can see da truth... #49erFaithful

Oh, and tell whats his name to make a new rap song on Kap in Paris... Cause we coming hard next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha Kap in Paris'! Heck Yeah!
Originally posted by susweel:
Kap would have beaten the Giants.

If he were returning punts, you mean?
Originally posted by susweel:
Kap would have beaten the Giants.

KAep is magical.

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Fus ro dah!

26 games into his career, he gets his first start. The next week he's handed the reigns to the offense. Wow. Let's go, Kaep.
Welcome to the Kaepernick Era

Ooooooh Boooooy.

Here's to him puttin on another show.
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Welcome to the Kaepernick Era

Let's roll!!
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