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Round 2, #36, the San Francisco 49ers selects Colin Kaepernick (QB) Nevada

Please use this thread. You will also find a thread in the "Draft War Room" if you wish to discuss the 49ers utilization of this pick in general. Additional threads may be locked or merged (and members warned) at the discretion of the moderating staff.

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yesss!!! ever since hearing about this guy I've really been liking him. I was nervous we weren't even going to draft a QB, but I have confidence Harbaugh can mold him. Very excited

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a northern california born QB!
  • bors
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can i get a hell ya
And he grew up a raider fan. LOLOL F**K YOU RAIDERS!
  • Jcool
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Good pick!
I love it.. We got our QB of the future!
I'm happy we are being aggressive in this draft.

i love it keep it up
49ers made a solid pick, anyone know what they gave up to move ahead by 10 spots?