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NFL Star Patrick Willis Joins UFC

This is ridiculous, stupid NFL. This is Goodell's fault
I hate DeSmith for this.
that made my day I love these forums
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the UFC is gonna regret allowing Willis in the octogon.
I'm boycotting the season if there is one.
This is gonna be AWESOME!!!!
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ahora en espaƱol!!!
My buddy does some amateur MMA, and he heard this through the grapevine.
Sing's coaching is what has prepared Willis for the UFC!

The F in UFC must stand for Physical.

Originally posted by b9er37:
Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
Originally posted by Delinquentwayz:

... i mean WOW! imagine P.Willis vs Brock Lesnar? lol

That will be sickkk!!! Sure Willis may get hurt, but Brock will be died.

Lol, you said died. I think he'd be a better matchup for Brendan shaub

yea because brock has already died
he's gonna hit the UFC so hard. can't wait.

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Originally posted by lamontb:
he's gonna hit the UFC so hard. can't wait.

Yeah not too shabby eh?
Awesome article.
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