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Vernon Davis- A look back (2006)

Never thought id be so happy to say glad we got VD
Originally posted by PTulini:
I'm so glad that we have Vernon Davis. He's a "one of a kind" talent and he has become one of my favorite 49ers.
I still think he can do way better if he played in a well run scheme, and had a good QB. I'm glad we picked him.
Krizay doesn't post in these threads anymore. He just ingnores them......
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
That was a good, talented draft. Especially the first round.

I'm glad we scored big with VD and didn't pick Matt Leinart like the Tardinals He was by far the worst player picked in that first round.

VD is a game breaker and is not a typical TE. He has WR skills (needs more work on the hands) but can block like a TE. In fact, he can block like a tackle....

Some guys we passed up for VD

Michael Huff
Haloti Ngata
Jay Cutler
Brodrick Bunkley
Antonio Cromartie
Tamba Hali

Ngata would have been a good pick too. I'd take Vernon over any of the rest of them.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Krizay doesn't post in these threads anymore. He just ingnores them......

is he a VD hater?
I love that we got Vernon. Funny thing is, in the video Mel Kiper said Vernon was only an "adequate blocker". That made me laugh. He's a monster blocker now, and is probably a better blocker then alot of OL.
Originally posted by GNielsen:
Vernon Davis certainly wasn't a popular pick on these boards a few years back. A number of the very experienced posters around here were saying that you NEVER draft a TE that high, period. But, I think the fact that Vernon Davis is an absolute freak changed that. When I was in grade school, the fastest guy in the NFL was Bob Hayes. Vernon Davis weighs 50 lbs more than Hayes, is four inches taller than Hayes, and incredibly, he's faster than Bob Hayes. I just find that amazing.

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Krizay doesn't post in these threads anymore. He just ingnores them......

THIS. People hated the pick. I for one loved it even if he was just a workout warrior at the time.

I also remember a lot of people here yelling for Michael Huff that year. Even had some dude on here was named "Michael Huff"
Tamba Hali wouldn't have been a bad pick either. He's had double digit sacks the last two years and is a monster pass rusher. We wouldn't need the pass rusher we're looking for now.
Remember 09 season he had more touchdowns than any other tight end in the league. Unfortunately he hardly got the ball enough in 010 season. *Live here in his home state of MD near his alma motter* most of my old graduating class went on to the same school. Would like to see him shine again.

This guy was a mess in his 1st couple seasons. I'm glad he grew up to become the leader he is today. Thanks Singletary.
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Originally posted by okdkid:

I disagree.

Both are elite players. But it is far easier to find players like Ngata and plug them in immediately (not easy...easier). Guys with Vernon's measurables, all around skills and production can't be found...ever.

Sorry, its MUCH harder find stud, all-pro NTs like Ngata. Those guys are true difference-makers and what you build your 3-4 defense around. The 49ers will learn that lesson the hard way this coming season especially if Franklin is gone. There's a reason you rarely see TEs taken early in the first round. They play away from the ball and don't have nearly the same type of impact. You can easily take them out of a teams offense as we saw many teams do to Vernon this year. All-Pro DT's > All-Pro TEs and its not even close.

Vernon was a good but not great pick. You're right about the measurables and everything. But track athletes and weight room phenoms don't win football games unfortunately. You're only half-right about his production. In 5 seasons hes had one real all-pro season. His first 3 years were complete disappointments. In those years he averaged 34 receptions, 10.9 yards per reception, and 3 TDs per year. Are those superstar numbers?

2009 was a breakout season for him certainly and what you would expect out of a top 10 pick. Last year though he came back to earth a bit and posted good(but not great) numbers. Part of that was due to teams adjusting and him seeing more double teams and blanket coverage. And of course some of it was due to inconsistent/erratic play at QB. For those that say those are factors out of his control, I agree. But it also brings me back to an earlier point, you just don't draft TEs that early in the draft. They're just too easy to gameplan out of offenses and their success is contingent on much of what others in the offense do. In contrast, Haloti Ngata would be a dominate force in anyones defensive scheme.
VD absolutely pwns in Madden.

Davis down the middle....doesnt matter who the QB nearly every time.
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