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Who LOCKS the Smith threads?...

Who LOCKS the Smith threads?...

I've always believed in blind justice, with great power, comes great responsibility

We have "chaperones" as we all know, otherwise knows as Moderators....

We cant argue with them, for fear of social circumcision,or worse, banishment. yet we wonder...

What side, are they on...The Alex Smith guys, Troy Smith,uhg, David Carr dudes, and lets not forget the Shuan Hill fellas....they take sides, and we all know it...

Lets see what the Webzone thinks, the ones who come here everday, from workd, late at night, not mods, the ppl, the ones that make this all posible, do it for the Zone!!!because without them, there wouldnt be a Webzone....

we have a voice, we choose our leaders....they dont choose us

calling out the mods on a thread... you know that wont go well... lol

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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
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I do not think the mods will lock the Alex threads, despite the demand by some that they should. By far, the subject provokes the most lively and animated debate, leading to lots of posts and many pages. Look, money talks. The advertisers on WZ pay according to number of hits. You do not suppress the biggest hit maker.
We all do, but I locked this one.
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