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Jed York poll so far

Jed York poll so far

bring the wco back
get us a qb
get us back to playoffs
It all hinges on the up-coming hires.
Can't really answer the question yet.

I do believe he'll do everything in his power to get Harbaugh so if Harbaugh doesn't go with us than it might be the rare case you can't blame the Yorks for it even though I'm sure most will.

My only concern is the GM search and how it's being conducted. I don't hate or love the idea of Baalke because he's an unknown quantity in my book. He's just getting a lot of hate because he's been with the team 6 years and seen as part of the problem when he likely had very little to do with the current mess the team is in now.

But unless it's a deal where Baalke (or whoever the GM) would land Harbaugh than I would like to see some more due diligence done. I mean wouldn't you want to interview some people from playoff teams since they you know made the playoffs and must be doing something right?

But I think Jed in the minds of fans aside from delivering Harbaugh because it seems people think that brilliant front office people and HOF coaches are just sitting by the phone waiting for Jed to call them in for an interview.
"were making big changes. were going to hire NFL experience this time"

yet he is about to hire the in-house guy as GM, and a college HC with almost no pro experience.

and our stadium is still just a bunch of 3D renderings.

so far im not impressed. but, he hasnt had control of the team very long yet, so i cant lump in his parents failures with his. the next 2 years are going to be VERY telling as to where this organization is going.
He has a choice to change the York image with the right moves.
Originally posted by Wodwo:
If he lied about the General Manager search, I'll hate him.

If it all works out in the end, I'll love him.

Fickle fanatic.

There's some honesty for you.

Come to think of it, I guess I'm in the same boat as you.
Based on promoting Baalke and Singletary, his first major moves, I voted in the negative. This is his first chance to make a real difference and my vote will change if he learns and brings in a good managment/coaching team.
He better have something up his sleeve.
Maybe we should start fresh with this thread.
If he's too cheap to buy Harbaugh and we end up with McDaniel or someone of his ilk teamed with Baalke, the answer is obvious.

Phil Jackson Makes 10 Mil And He's Won 11 Titles,,,How Can You Pay Someone Whos Never Coached In The Nfl 8 Mill.........YORK IS DOIN THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!
Originally posted by cuhran:
Phil Jackson Makes 10 Mil And He's Won 11 Titles,,,How Can You Pay Someone Whos Never Coached In The Nfl 8 Mill.........YORK IS DOIN THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!

unless he goes and pays him 10 since "money is no object".

i swear to god if he offers more than the dolphins i'm f**king out. It'll show he's gambling with the team, to be right. He's not doing what's best for the team, he's trying to prove a f**king point. Let Harbaugh get his 8 and go to Miami and hire a real f**king coach like a few of us have said all along. I hoped he'd promoted Baalke under the assumption that Baalke had convinced Harbaugh in principal but it seems that's a bust. It's been stated repeatedly that the mother f**ker lied to us and it's becoming evident as each hour passes that he didn't learn a f**kin thing from hiring singletary so hasty and he wants everything to do with being the hand in everything 49er related. He has no interest in bringing in qualified people with a nutsack to shut him the f**k up and tell him to sit back, own the team and watch us win. This is why the reporters were giving him the business in the presser... because they know he's full of s**t. He's a punk f**king kid trying to run the 49ers into the mud. He needs to get wise real quick and hire Gruden or someone that isn't Josh McDaniels or a flunky from another team.


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I can't believe how many of you guys bought the fumbling water bottle press conference...
Not me.
I knew better. I've always known better about the Yorks. I think a lot of these guys were real full of "wishful thinking" because they are so sick of losing. "Jed is not his father" and such...

Well if Harbaugh falls through and we get a discount coach + Baalke from down the hall then you know what you got...

I always knew BTW.
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