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actually ive seen this scenerio on nfl network and we dont even need all that all we need is

- Denver beats San Diego to finish 5-11
- Cincinnati wins at Baltimore to finish 5-11
- Buffalo wins at the New York Jets to finish 5-11
- Arizona wins at San Francisco to finish 6-10

if we all have a 5-11 record, why would we get the tie breaker?

strength of schedule

are you trying to tell me that we had a strong schedual?.... 6 games were against the nfc west. facepalm.

Weaker schedule = higher draft pick

riiiiight. that explains it..
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I've read many nut ball scenarios that explain how we might get Luck. I've yet to read a single scenario that explains why the Panthers would willingly pass on Luck.

Kids, Luck isn't in the cards.

the one hope is that they want to give claussen a try and would prefer to trade down and acquire more picks
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