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This is getting old real quick

By far the most ludicrous statement on this forum and that's saying a lot. Willis is the leader of the team and the face of the franchise. I believe Luck will be very very good, but we do not know if he will be. For that matter, would it be prudent to trade an all world player for a potentially all world player when if you stay put you have your choice of quarterbacks. Now those guys aren't the level of Luck, but you don't need the best quarterback in the NFL to win. You need somebody adequate. Furthermore, Carolina needs Luck and already have Jon Beason. Takes 2 to tango. The trade proposal is not feasible and not at all realistic considering the fact that Willis is the most recognizable player on the team. You don't trade Derek Rose to draft John Wall. You keep the good players you have an build around them.
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Originally posted by WillisToHOF:
ive seen it a couple times in some different threads and im sick of seeing people actually suggesting trade Willis for a freakin better draft pick to get Luck. its a terrible idea to get rid of a sure All-pro player and our best Defensive player by a large margin for a f**kin rookie.
there are smarter ways to to get a (potentially) good QB on this team w/o getting rid of the best thing we've got goin for us.

its not happening anyway so don't worry about it. theres nothing the niners can do to make carolina trade a franchise qb.

i know that it wont. well hope theres no way it does. but the fact that there are people who call themselves 49er fans think its a good idea to trade a all pro player for an unproven QB just cuz they want one is what blows my mind
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We have to take a gamble if this opportunity presented it self. Patrick Willis will never have the ability to throw and make TDs.

If you are guaranteed a great quarterback, it probably makes sense to do it. The players and fans will get over the loss of Willis once the wins start piling up. But if you MISS, it could cripple the reputation of the franchise for many many years.

That's true. Like I said, it is a gamble. But, our reputation is already crippled. The Yorks have already done so much damage. Even with the great play of Willis, we are still a 5-10 team. Our organization needs to take some calculated risks and we need a quarterback that can play for the next 10 years.
Originally posted by BobS:
This team has lot's of needs, a franchise QB is a high priority.

#1 priority
If you honestly would trade a sure thing for an unknown product, you are a moron.
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Someone should go ask Josh McDanielshow how trading away franchise players has worked out for him...
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Dont sweat it, it wont happen its just a bunch of idiots in the zone who dont know anything posting, trying to figure out a way to try to get us back to the glory years. Just tell them, " The glory years are gone its a new time a new league and get over it, dont be stupid" You build through the draft with a good Oline and QB.
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We are drafting in the top 10 since 2000 25 Qbs have been taken in the 1st round only 13 have made the playoffs (possible 15 depending on Tampa & Rams making playoffs & 3 no longer start in Young, Grossman, & Pennington).

8 have been complete busts to this point (Carr, Ramsey, Leftwich,Losman,Smith, Leinart, Russel, Quinn)

2 jury is still out in Tebow & Stafford.

Just because Luck is ranked as the top QB doesnt mean Locker, Mallet, or Newton cant succeed there is no science to picking a QB and trading Willis makes no sense.
Originally posted by binary2nd:
Willis is great but 3-4 ILBs just shouldn't be a high priority, it's reality. Of course we aren't trading Willis, but you have to understand priority. If losing Willis meant we get a franchise QB, you do it without blinking.

FRANCHISE QB?????? or do you mean someone who is coming in the draft WHO IS UNPROVEN f**k THAT NOISE NO GIVE UP WILLIS FOR BULLs**t
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Originally posted by binary2nd:
f*kk patrick willis.

f**k you.


If I can get some awesome picks for willia, i'd consider it. There is no place for fav
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Originally posted by sfninerfanMax:
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we have had patrick willis for 4 years and our defense is still not that good.

He is a very good player--but his position is not a franchise changer.

Yeah it is. If you take him out, our middle of the pack D automatically becomes a bottom 5 one. No need to risk trading a future HOF for a potential bust.

Until we get a good QB the Niners will remain a bust---since 2002 we have been a bust--and if we don't get a QB---we remain a bust.

I would do it---but I doubt the real GM will do it--so don't worry!!

who can say its a fact luck is a franchise qb.. no one. so trade the best ml in the game. hell no

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Originally posted by Memphis9er:
If you honestly would trade a sure thing for an unknown product, you are a moron.
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
sorry no way you trade the best ILB for a chance at Luck or someone else, when WE DONT KNOW if they are the savior or gonna be better than what we had.

Totally agree

Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, Rick Mirer, David Klingler, Akili Smith and Heath Shuler.

Be careful.

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There is an outside chance we get the #2 pick if we lose and 3 others win. IF Carolina keeps Clausen or Pike and go after Nick Fairly or Prince Amukamara or A,J, Green we could easily get Luck. I'm not sure what would happen if only 1 or 2 of those 3 teams won and we lost if we would walk away with the 3rd or 4th pick. But at that point Carolina could be open to a pick swap packaged with a player like Morgan or Clements.[/code]

Edit: I do agree that there are an abundance of QBs available that we should concentrate on Mallet, Gabbert, Newton, Locker, Ponder and Devlin.

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