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Killion: More questions than answers for 49ers

She says that if the niners make the playoffs there is very real possibility that the Yorks will bring back Sing next year due to the cheapness of the Yorks and the CBA impasse.

Its a good read and something to think about.

I have friends -- diehard 49ers fans who plan their weekends around the team’s schedule -- who went to the Seattle game. And they said they felt hollow, and a little sick, at the resounding victory.

When your truest fans get no pleasure from a victory, you know you’re in trouble.

Because they realize what the win means: with each step closer to the playoffs, the 49ers move a step further away from changing their team for the better.

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[ Edited by susweel on Dec 15, 2010 at 3:47 PM ]
god I hope the yorks are that dense.
Positive - I would like to see us in the playoffs
Negative - everything that article says
Only the Yorks can create a world where making the playoffs can be considered a regression.

I'm going to shoot myself now....

Nice knowing you all.
Originally posted by verb1der:
Only the Yorks can create a world where making the playoffs can be considered a regression.

I'm going to shoot myself now....

Nice knowing you all.

Say hello to another year of "I have to look at the film", "Let me put to you this way" and "I think ____ ____ is doing a great job". In other words, we're phu--ed.
Ann Killion doesn't have friends.
and people are wondering why fans are rooting for the team to lose..
Let's say Singletary let's his coaches do their jobs. By not breathing down their necks about running up the middle, keeping it close, and trying to win it in the 4th qtr. What if we had the players and coaching staff in place (OC and DC) that had what it took to make this team contenders all along, but just didn't know until now? What if we win these last 3 games, make it to the playoffs and possibly compete with or even beat whoever is front of them. What if Singletary learns that he needs to throw whatever philosophy he originally had out the window and tells the Yorks what they need to hear?

For the sake of not having to start all over, I wouldn't mind keeping him as long as he stays out of the way of his coaches and even the refs. LOL
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Everytime i see Killion on Comcastsportsnet, she acts/looks like she's on her period. lulz.
[ Edited by DaDivaRecieva15 on Dec 15, 2010 at 4:33 PM ]

He will never stand out of the way of coaches and refs. It is his way and will always be his way as long as he has a way.
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Originally posted by redrathman:
Ann Killion doesn't have friends.

exactly. this b***h just b***hes for the sake of b***hing. ain't that a b***h!
why is everyone assuming the Yorks will bring Singletary back if we make the playoffs?
Mooch was fired after winning a playoff game.

it could go either way for Sing.
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I swear, it sucks that I can't even hope my team makes the playoffs. I just know the yorks will do something stupid if we make the playoffs.
She says that if Singletary gets fired then 20 assistants will lose their jobs. Those asst. will get jobs with other teams. Singletary, I don't know what he will do if he gets fired and I don't care. She makes the concern that they will have to pay Singletary the rest of his contract and then will have to pay whichever coach the hire and Oh my so much money. How much money do you think the Yorks will lose if they retain Singletary next year, and the fans stop coming to games and the tax payers in Santa Clara say whoa just a minute here we don't want a losing team and forget about that new stadium.
This is the same situation they have had for years and now its time to get seriuos about the future of this team or sell it. Jed needs to set down with Eddie and do some serious talking about how to hire a good and winning coach and stop this merry go round of coaches. When Eddie hired Bill Walsh he went out and talked to coaches and people that worked with Bill and got their opinion about his coaching abilities
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