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Do You Trust Jed to Make the Right Decisions?

These 8 years of futility can be put on Jon and Diane York, and circumstances have dictated a lot of Jed's decisions up to now. But, going into this off-season the decisions and results will all be on him and a miss on GM, Coach or QB will set us back another 3-5 years...or more.

So far all he's done is hire and express full confidence in Sing and claim we are going to the playoffs when all the evidence is to the contrary. How are we supposed to trust that he sees what all the problems are will make the right decisions to correct them?

I hope he makes the right decision thats all we can do as fans is hope.
all i can do is hope
Do we have a choice? Given the circumstances, I don't blame him for hiring Sing, but if the next HC tanks, my confidence in him will too.
Jed may be similar to his uncle, but is that wishful thinking? Eddie hired Joe Thomas who decimated the organization. Realizing his mistake, he fired Thomas and became very lucky by hiring Bill Walsh. Can Jed get just as lucky by hiring Harbaugh or ? I certainly hope so! Best of luck Jed!
maybe Robert Kraft will change the NFL forever and buy us out, owning one team from each division...........or not really........
The fact that the Vikings, cowboys, and broncos have already moved on from their coaches and we haven't tells me that Jed is an IDIOT
I'll fully be on the Jed train once he hires a legit GM/coach and brings a new stadium.
If Jed wants to prove to me he cares about wining. The first thing he needs to do is tell every 49er fan that Alex Smith will not be allowed back in a 49er uniform ever again.
Just stop and think for a minute, and be serious. He is 27 years old. 27 years old! Do you remember how much you knew about anything, and what level of judgment you had at that age? The NFL is very competitive, and he is competing against knowledgeable, brainy football people. Whoever put him in this position is an idiot. Of course I do't trust him You would be stupid if you did. This is not rocket science!

I see him getting a big name coach and 1 or 2 big free agents. It might be wishful thinking though.
Originally posted by DANADA:
I see him getting a big name coach and 1 or 2 big free agents. It might be wishful thinking though.

i would love for you to be right. a free agent o-lineman and a corner would be huge
Jed is a puppet. Daddy still rules Ninerland.
i give him a pass on the dingleberry mistake...if he f**ks this next one up then yah im just done with him thinking he'll ever be like his uncie eddie
No. The York family can make this much easier on themselves and the fans by stepping back and letting football people run the franchise. But that will never happen. They are just like the Ford family.
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