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Give Takeo a two year contract!

Give Takeo a two year contract!

Originally posted by ace49ers:
Resign him, look what happened to Tampa when they got rid of Lynch/Brooks/Sapp. (apart from the humiliating drumming we got) they have been nowhere near as good and consistent.

Agreed. You have to develop the younger players before you officially change the guard. Bowman clearly isn't ready.
the man is a beast!

Hope him and his triple neck want to stay.
Originally posted by redrathman:
Originally posted by susweel:
I'd give him a two year contract but the second year would be a team option.

This isn't baseball.

Option years don't exist in football. Voids and vestments do, but they usually don't benefit the team.


More outstanding knowledge from susweel.
I'd make the second year incentive based if anything, but he and Patrick work well together and I can't say I'm too impressed by what I've seen with Bowman this year.

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Oh yes, here it is.
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