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Dont see us winning the game honestly. I think a lot of you will realize that the game in London was more of the exception than the rule.
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Even as a rookie, Bradford can be dangerous if given time. This game will come down to who ever runs the ball the best and which QB can stay away from throwing picks.
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this is the game troy throws 3 td's and has 300 yards passing.
Originally posted by mayo49:
Even as a rookie, Bradford can be dangerous if given time. This game will come down to who ever runs the ball the best and which QB can stay away from throwing picks.

Not exactly. Look at what the game plan against Sanchez was. Teams normally stacked the box and run blitz hoping to pressure Sanchez also and it was that much easier for him to throw to man coverage. This past Sunday, the opponent played coverage and dared the Jets to beat them with the run. Sanchez could not find anyone open and threw INT eventually pressing for completions. Why is it that when we play a great QB, we play bracket coverage yet when we play an inexperienced QB, we don't? Wouldn't that type of defense that works against the greats be even more effective against the not so great?

1. The run game only establishes safety and a shorter game.
2. The run does not put points on the board.
3. Teams that heavily rely on the run cannot be down during the game.
4. Eventually, they will need to pass to score points
5. Force them to make just one or two mistakes passing and end game.

We are a similar team. We don't want to rely on our QB but having done this every game because of our current philosophy puts us in a situation to "have a chance to win at the end of the game".

The problem is that the statement is true, but we are at the bad end of that "close" game. No one realized what that philosophy truly does, which is put a team in a situation to lose the game or play catchup by using a completely different philosophy during the end of the game in order to try and dig itself out.

I think this is why the mistakes happen. We KNOW the game is going to be a close game due to our philosophy and it has been putting us behind which forces us to play and press outside of our "identity" or what we have practiced. This leads to inconsistency. Inconsistency leads to sloppy play. Sloppy play leads to pressing and forcing things, which leads to f**king up.

Damn I hate this philosophy.
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Rams - 24
Niners - 16
31-13 niners
Originally posted by verb1der:

Love this damn movie! We will see how much Troy Smith can be like Willie Beaman
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Go, NIners, go!
please let us come out and throw the rock in this game, and not on that lame ass playaction bootleg, and not out of a half assed spread formation.

I mean real creative playcalling, screens that aren't obvious, pick plays that get VD open.. etc.
Originally posted by ChaunceyGardner:
When I was a kid my parents tried to get me a 49ers helmet and uniform set for Christmas. The store was out so they got me a Rams set and I had to be the Rams in all the neighborhood games. 12 vs 1 and got my ass kicked. I hate the Rams so very very much.

LOL, the good ole' days. Side note: I remember being a football player every Halloween. I would wear my bugs bunny (#8) and taz (#80) 49ers shirt with them standing back to back. Also, included my 49ers bandanna (tied Deion sanders style), but can't remember what pants I would wear. My brother and I and our cousin would haul ass pretty much in a dead sprint for 3 hours straight cutting every corner or running through bushes to get to the next house faster as all the other kids would walk along the side walk. Oh and had to have the black eye paint. We didn't have stick on strips back then. I think I might have had the Jerry Rice nasal bandages that helped you breath better on one year as well.

Edit: I remember those uniforms, they where in the JC Penny's catalog and dang near every boy wanted them for Christmas. Don't think I ever had one though.
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Originally posted by tohara3:
Originally posted by verb1der:

Love this damn movie! We will see how much Troy Smith can be like Willie Beaman

hahaha, and I hope Sing can give a speech like this...

kooool aide!!!!!!! &
Unlike last years beat down we gave the Lambs 35-0 i dont think the score this time will be that lobsided

they have a REAL QB now so it should be a interesting game next weekend


Yeah I am a little concerned about this game too because the Rams have an accurate rookie QB with a damn quick release. We can't play our normal vanilla defense coupled with our conservative and predictable Singletary offense. If we lose this game then I finally become very concerned about the rest of the season. Still holding onto a very small tattered shread of hope.

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Go, NIners, go!
Bradford is going to give our secondary trouble. If we can get consistent pressure on him, it should be a good game. I am hoping the home crowd shows up with some serious noise for the Niners.

I think...
a. Troy Smith plays at least as good as last game (assuming he starts)
b. Our defense keeps constant pressure on Bradford (Orton had all day to pass, within about 10 plays of exceptions)
c. We control Steven Jackson
d. Our ST finally shows up and does something big

a. No pressure on Bradford
b. Troy was a one-hit wonder
c. turnovers return to the numbers we are used to

I see it as a very winnable game that will likely be kept close due to our lack of consistent offensive playcalling. If we get up by 7 or more points, Sing will lockdown the offense, thereby creating a nailbiter where the running gets ridiculous and the Rams catch up...
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