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Give the Yorks Last Chance!

What are you going to do? Fire the owners? Don't go to the games?
Originally posted by WestCoast:
like it or not we are all giving them a "last chance"

they are the owners of the 9ers and aren't selling

There's really nothing you can do about them. You're not going to force them to sell.

Really we just have to hope they actually hire someone with a brain to operate the organization. Don't do what you did last time and hire a 1st time head coach and give him complete control.
Originally posted by FL9er:
It's pointless to complain about the owners. They're not selling and they're not firing themselves.

Exactly. And they'll never sell because top 16 earning teams cut checks every year for bottom 16 earning teams. Maybe the Yorks want to stay in the lower 16 to receive the money while putting a cheap product on the field.
It really cracks me up when I read how members of this forum are giving the Yorks their "LAST CHANCE" of doing something with the team.

My question is: OR ELSE WHAT?

Don't watch them on T. V.? Don't go to games? ... and how many of you actually buy enough tickets to really make a difference?

Boy, I'll bet they're really shuddering when we scold and threaten them! LOL!
I am sick of this f888ing family and their ownership of my beloved Niners.
Originally posted by 49ERSAM:
Again, this offseason is the perfect opportunity for the Yorks to finally get it right.
They have and must be willing to spend tons of money in coaching, period.
As an avid fan for more than 30 years, I begin to really get pissed off at the York's

If they are not willing to take financial hits for a superbowl quality
coach, then there is no sense rooting for a football team that mediocrity is the goal
and loosing mentality runs through the bloodlines of the owners that are pretentious,
always putting a facade, and not willing to admit that they are who they are...
losers! If the owners are losers, then their team will be losers too, period![/left]
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Last chance? Before what?

They're not going anywhere. You are.
Fourth shutout since their reign of terror began. This franchise is as clueless as the first day they took over. This crap will continue as long as they own this once proud franchise.
Jed York is a con artist, he gives you the pretty talk, but doesn't do sh*t to fix the problem. Its amazing that the zoners are sold on this family.

As long as the Yorks are enthralled by pendulous testicles with mustard seed brains, I see little change. The Yorks are puffball doughboys who equate brave words for action. These weenie boys are wimps and so are their choices.
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