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Give the Yorks Last Chance!

told you motherfauckers whom the owner was and is. jed is just a stop gap for the fam to save face of John York. the money pincher shows up yet again. hang that punk in a public display.
Jed's staying behind, monitoring contract talks with the new HC, coming shortly after the game on Sunday. (Man, all I could do is dream now!)

If the GIANTS are not going to the pennant race, I will surely be more sick and tired of 49ers mediocrity!
Originally posted by 49ERSAM:
It's not Jed giving vote of confidence. Jed is in charge now, not Big J. I still sense
Little j is on to something on this upcoming bye.

Niners owner John York usually lets his son Jed do the media talking, but he took a few moments to field questions today during an appearance at a London school.

The first question: Will Mike Singletary remain your head coach?

"Mike is our coach," John York said while several 49ers taught the school kids some of the basics of American football.

"If we can stop giving the ball away, stop turning it over, I think we'll be OK."

??????You think we'll be OK??????? You're just aiming to be OK???????

Second question: We know Singletary is your head coach, but will he remain your head coach the rest of this season?

"Yes, he's our coach," York said, giving the same answer his son did when the team dropped to 0-5. "It didn't help to have Alex injured, but we'll have to deal with that separately."

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this is another exemple of york senior knowing nothing ... absolutely NOTHING about football.
Our team just lost to the panthers who were 0-5 before the game, had the worst offense in the league and commited 3 (that's three) turnovers during the game while we had one.
So yeah you're right yorkie if we stop turning the ball over we'll be "OK" and you're a dumb idiot
Can we change owners please ?
Anything John York Says.
F*ck the Dorks

ALL OF THEM!!!! peabrains dont know jack about running a football team
Fat man should shut his mouth and let his little boy do the talking.
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We have no GM, we have no real president of football operations, we continually try to promote from within. Currently we are the Bengals of the 90s, just repeating history until a massive overhaul of this franchise happens. Jed is one off season away from cementing himself as the next Mike Brown.
I've been saying it for years. We are screwed with the Yorks. But what can you do?

I believe they will get it right, its simply stupid to think they want this team to be bad, or to think they are not spending money when in the last 5 years we have been one of the teams who get the most amount of cash in free agents or top picks and of course they are going to build a 1 billion dollar stadium...

they want to make this wight, they as well as me and a bunch of fans and experts thought this will be the year, well it wasn't, you adjust change things and invest in new people to come and make them right...

I believe in the yorks and hope next year we can get a proven superbowl winning coach, or an offensive mastermind college guru (boise state coach or harbaugh)

go niners
Originally posted by true49erfan:
Jed is young and listening to uncle Eddie. I see a change happening. It takes time to get out of such a mess. I support Jed as well. As Pres, he did the right thing by publicly backing his coach. I would do the same. Talking about firing your coach in the middle of the season is not helpful to any team. I Hope he keeps coach Sing at least 1 more year. I don't believe Jed is the same as his dad. He is one of us. A true fan.

said it in a nutshell.JEB YORK IS ONE OF US. Hes a true fan. Thats all he is a fan nothing more. An overmatched rah rah junior owner that is as cleuless as the parents that birthed him. There is no future for this team and this ownership group. You really think any topflight gm or high profile coach wants any part of this team unless they have full control or r making about 10 mil duckets a year. Not going to happen on both counts. We will get some coach in the college ranks with a name and bring in a qb that we think will excel. Problem is that there will be no gm and the pick will be as worthless(project as our beloved anthony davis.). Good luck to that.

2OO3 was the last time we have sniffed the playoffs. Since then we have been "rebuilding" well its been 8 years we should have been rebuilt by now. Let's see since Mooch that have put in awful HC who have brought in awful staffing. They have put s**tty GMs in who have failed at drafting and refuse to go out and sign top tier FAs except smith and nate. Miami, atlanta, kansas city, st louis, arizona, jets have all rebuilt 4X as fast as we are.

It starts with them. Bad owner = bad team it won't change
Originally posted by MSteitz468:
Originally posted by amir_tn80:
Too late for that. 8 straight losing seasons is enough. Hell, 3 was too many. The Yorks will never go out and hire a top notch exec or GM. They've had their chance to do it for 10 years. Yet they settle for scouts like Mcloughan and Baalke, who have no business running a football franchise. And to make it worse, they make the critical decisions. And every one of their decisions have been a disaster. As long as the they own the 49ers, we will continue to be west coast version of the Lions.

IMO, Baalke is pretty good and we should keep him around after Sing is gone to do our scouting, he's regarded as one of the top talent scouts in the league.

Our WR, Running Backs and O-line coaches are well regarded as well.

Manusky was doing a good until this season. Good enough that many of us thought he might be persuaded to move on to another team with a better chance of winning.

The fall guy has to be Singletary and his inability to orchestrate the whole show.

The Yorks have been clueless, but I believe Jed is much more savvy than his mom and dad and will learn from his mistakes. At least I hope he will.

Get a top-notch GM and let him make the decisions on who stays, who goes, and who the next head coach will be.
I hate the state of our franchise but you can't act like a bunch of whiners if it doesn't go our way. If Sing ha won the division and alex had eliminated the mistakes on offense, we would all be happy and sing would be a diamond in the rough type of find. it didn't go our way so now we need to hire an experienced, diciplined coach that knows the game.

i agree with the debartlo comments as well. i love eddie and all the winning but he didn't start out that way. eddie also left the team in a terrible state. we had to strip down our entire rosters and start over. we finally have talent back on the team. just need a head coach to direct that talent.

as for Jed, i don't see what the fuss is about. i don't like how john york ran it but he stepped aside. jed just took over. i like how he gets out there and lets us see where he is working. before he came along i hadn't heard anything about the stadium in years. at least the ball is rolling again. give him some time to figure it out.

we would all suck too if we took over an nfl team. i don't know who is really ready for that kind of job. in time i think he will get better...
York never wanted the team. This was back in 03.-

Today, York says he was least prepared for how closely his every move would be tracked, by fans, by the media, by his own employees. But through his actions over the past year-and-a-half, and particularly after the January sacking of Mariucci, that type of scrutiny has turned him into the central figure of the franchise.

Was he asked if he wanted the job?

"Not really," York said.

Did he want it?

"I thought it was necessary," he said. "I've done an awful lot of things that I didn't want to do."
like it or not we are all giving them a "last chance"

they are the owners of the 9ers and aren't selling
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