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Things to look forward to NEXT year...

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New qb
New coach
Rookies because this year rookies are a bunch of scrubs. All of them

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this thread makes me sad.
YAY! Lockout. Don't want another season of this fecalness.
the RAMS being the favorite to win the division next year.

how about that. i bet they won't disappoint either.

Warner finally retired and i'm free from his there's Bradford.
Bring in the "West Coast" Offense. Bring in a real GM and HC.

With the WCO there are literally dozens of QBs who could plug'n play, and be more successful than Smith. We need to forget the "Raiders/Bears/Ravens"-ball that we seem to want to emulate with this run-run-run-deep pass idea that only works with teams who have the best lines in football, and Defences that can help win when the Offense only (usually) scores 13 points...

If we want to win again - and quickly - we need to bring in the WCO, and a WCO focused GM, HC, and QB.

Been a fan since 1978 (but probably "born" a fan since my Pop used to watch games at Kesar)... Shame to see what's going on over the past decade, but if we change the system to one that most QBs and coaches are familiar with our talent WILL shine through...
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I just want the top pick in the draft, so we can get a real QB. Is that asking too much?
Originally posted by Shaj:
I just want the top pick in the draft, so we can get a real QB. Is that asking too much?

Been there . . . done that!
All these posts about who to trade away, assistant coaches to fire, etc. Just mad talk. Nobody knows, except for the case of the head coach and Smith.

Sing has to go now, for all the reasons listed here everyday, and by professional football observers. His continued employment is an embarrassment to all, including Sing himself.

Smith is simply cursed here. He needs to get away.

Of course, the long-term success depends on York either selling the team or hiring a real football guy to run the team. York has no more qualifications to run this team than any random trust-fund kid and simply embarrasses himself more every day.

I am sure he hopes to catch the ring, have things go right and succeed, to bask in the just doesn't happen that way in the real world.
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Originally posted by Joecool:
I agree 100% with this thread. We have a lot of young talent that an established/experienced veteran coach who has had success would salivate to shine the light on. Now add that to higher picks in each round and we are very tempting to any coach out there.

Of course, we have that one MAJOR issue: QB.

I hope we sign Alex as a well-defined backup while we acquire an established starter. Either way, if we don't get a starter, then we develop the youngster while Alex becomes Steve Deberg. If he excels under the new coach, then we have two QB's the league will desire and are even in a better place.


Alex either becomes Steve DeBerg or Drew Brees (the Chargers version when pushed by Phillip Rivers). Its win-win.

there is no way in hell alex will sign with the niners again. I really doubt he would even come back if he was named the starter
Yorks still own the team?

Everything.....This season has been absolutely deflating and heartbreaking. I would rather be in a small re-build mode (like the Redskins or Seahawks did this offseason) and know that yes our team has shown talent, but we need to take some pieces apart and start fresh. There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck in that middle gear like we are right now. If all of this means we need to do poorly so that we can realize our position, than so be it.

I want a new QB. I have defended Smith for quite a while and still believe he's the best QB on the current team, but this has gone on for too long and it's time to move on for all. I would love to get Luck, but I'm thinking Locker will more likely be there (could be interesting to see how he plays in the Senior bowl) and he was the #1 rated prospect coming into the year. Let's just wait and see, there's always a curveball thrown in the offseason of someone unexpectedly becoming available (maybe Carson Palmer? Who'd of thunk that Cutler, McNabb, etc moves would have been taking place the last few years).

I want a head coach who has a clue and get great play out of the QB position. My personal favorite here is Gruden. Now I'm not sure how much he wants in here, but I would love to have him based on his past success and understanding of the game. My second choice is Brian Schottenheimer, third would be Harbaugh.

On Defense I would like to see us go back to a 4-3 using the speed of our LB core. Use RJF and either Franklin or Soap at the other DT to help keep bodies off of Willis and let the man be dominant like Lewis and Urlacher have been. Use Justin Smith at one DE and then move Haralson to DE (he sucks in coverage anyway) and Brooks as well. I would keep Lawson at OLB (his best and most natural position strangely), Bowman at the other OLB, and Willis in the middle.

Obviously some moves would need to be made in the secondary (see ya later Clements and inflated deal), but having a fast instinctive defense would play to our better players strengths (Willis, Mays, Goldson). This team needs someone to take advantage of our teams strengths and impose them on another team. Teams need to fear what VD, Crabtree, Gore, and Ginn can do at any moment on offense. The also need to be aware of something bad coming at them with speed on defense.

These are just my ideas, which probably means they won't happen but I'd love to see it.
Originally posted by Brew:
New qb
New coach
Rookies because this year rookies are a bunch of scrubs. All of them

We're going to have to outbid the Cowboys for a top tier coach.
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Originally posted by Marvin49:
Originally posted by lamontb:
They need to hire a GM before they get a coach. Or at least make sure they get a combo that will work well together.

They have to solve the problem at qb then worry about the rest of your problems. Everything can't be fixed in one off season. Never thought I'd be saying this but they need to take a page out of the Redskins book. Get a skilled coach and decent GM. Then go out and get a serviceable qb with leadership skills and maturity that others will follow. Now instead of the skins losing all of the close games they are winning close games that they are actually being outplayed in. There o line is as bad but yet a veteran qb makes world of difference. McNabb doesn't even have great numbers but they have wins. Not sure who will be available but they need to take aggressive steps to improve this position. Sing a good free agent or trade just improve the position. If those options aren't good then a rookie qb will get a strong look from the team.

Manusky, Manny and Parys all need to go if they will continue to run the 3-4. sorry but Manusky's play calling is very suspect. You can't play a 3-4 and wait til the second half to actually blitzes or make any adjustments. It's been 3/4 years and they are just adjusting to defending the screen play. and Manny and Parys just can't cut it as full time OLB starters in a 3-4. There is no depth at all with the CB's. the fact that this team didn't add any cb talent except Will James is just laughable. whoever made that observation should be fired.

And Nate Clements as a Ed Reed type safety is the funniest thing I've heard in a awhile. He has no discipline at all, And doesn't have the speed to get over top of wr's and make plays. You can't have a safety that falls for double moves all day.

Team has talent they need a qb, and some coaching intelligence and strategy to be right back in the mix next year. Then you work and build to solve all other problems.

I didn't say he's be Ed Reed. I said Ed Reed Type....IE a roving center fielder type with ball skills. As for the double move thing....its VERY different playing safety than corner. The play he made in Atlanta prior to his fumble is what I'm talking about. He came off his reciever entirely because he saw where the play was going and made what should have been the game ending pick.

He also very good in run support and forces turnovers.

That tells me he may have a future at FS. I think he's become problematic at corner.

As for the lack of speed....NFL history is full of CBs who lost their speed and made the switch to FS and played very well. Rod Woodson is one off the top of my head.

There are times when Nate looks like a great player and there are times when his gambling style gets him in trouble. At Free Safety, he can use that platymaking ability and not be as much of a liability when he gambles.

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this poster is clueless. Next year the team will suck just like this year and two before it. Until we have new owners we are toast. They have no clue to what they are doing. Its a wing and a prayer with these guys. DOnt hire a gm. Fire mcclueless late, fire nolan late, hire dingleberry for a pr ploy, let the oc go after retaining him all offseason. You think these are alll coaches decision. Its going to take another 3-4 years for respectability. Another rebuild. Fire the dc, get a new defensive backfield, more lineman, a qb, better receivers, new coach, new dc, new oc. Pick better players that are cant miss in first round. Not ones with potential in the first. ANTHONY DAVIS. HEres our team. I just took a big one and......
oh one of these threads again...

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