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If the owners want to sell any PSL's they better hire Cowher or Gruden next week

You have two coach's available now. Stop the bleeding and make a run at one or both cowher and gruden.

Please do not wait until other teams snatch them up and then promote someone within to be the next HC.

A top notch hq can turn this ship around. Pay the money, otherwise you can kiss sell PSL's good bye.
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Pretty sure both those guys are under current contracts.
D. Bruce said today on his post game show that his sources 'inside' the league say that Gruden is pretty much a lock for the Cleveland job under Holmgren (after they fire Mangina).
if we can't get either, then what about b. billick
Actually neither is under contract except with tv networks. which both would leave for the right gig. But while I would love for the 49ers to go after both. actually I would give away first round picks to the Giants and Cowboys not to go after them.......but what do we have as an organization that would make them want to be here?
Originally posted by Chief:
Pretty sure both those guys are under current contracts.

Who is Cowher under contract to? Gruden could leave MNF, see comments above about Cleveland.
Unless Jed wants the 'Zone' to do all the evaluating, they better bring in a top football guy. They should try to get Tom Heckert out of Cleveland and give him full authority. That is what he wants more than being #2 under Holmgren. Let him evaluate the team for the second half of the season.
Bill Parcells just gave up his post In MIA and is now a consultant. They need to go after that guy. Every place hes been at he's rebuilt.
No competent proven coach is going to work for this zoo of a franchise the Yorks have created. The most sensible solution is hiring a top notch NFL executive and have him make all these decisions. But that would cost tons of money and makes too much sense. That's not how the dumb ownership of this franchise works.

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Jed better grow some and approach someone like Gruden and say "what will it take to get you over here?"

I really believe Gruden would rather coach in SF than Cleveland. Wouldn't you?

Go get a GM and make it happen. FOCUS, Jed, FOCUS.

It will be sad if Gruden end up in Cleveland, but I wouldn't be surprised.
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