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Tackle Play - Offensive Line

Originally posted by flow:
In case it isn't obvious by now...

Originally posted by flow:
LT: Sims
LG: Iupati
C: Baas
RG: Anthony Davis
RT: Staley

I'm not sure that Snyder wouldn't be a better fit at RG for now; maybe even Wragge, until Davis improves and matures. Otherwise this fits in exactly with a recent post I made. Only, Sing is too dense to see this! One things for sure, the current makeup of the O-line and gettin' it, and any Qb would be running for his life behind it.
Do you people still feel Mike Solari is an o-line genius?
Originally posted by fanmusclecars:
Do you people still feel Mike Solari is an o-line genius?

That's what I'm wondering b/c Seattle's line play is looking better without him and the Niners o line play is looking just as crappy with him.
With the exception of a few individuals I refuse to judge our talent until we get some real coaching.

I can't believe some of you guys are so willing to give up so soon on AD. Why wouldn't you keep him at right tackle knowing the season is over? Whats the worst that can happen? David Jalopy or Troy Smith gets injured? Oh no, maybe we'll be forced to play Nate Davis.
I know Joe Staley is playing no better than Anthony Davis blocking wise.
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