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Serious question for LONGTIME 49ers fans

The stick definitely sounded toxic that night. Last time I heard it as bad as it had sounded, Maiocco was spot on (during his latest KNBR interview) in comparing it to the horrors of 1977.

I was only 7, and we were facing the Falcons at the Stick in week 5 (pushing an inevitable 0-5 record). It was just brutal that day, fans chanting words that would get half a row kicked out now-a-days...

It was really, really scary getting out of there (as well), my family never went to another game (at the Stick) until 1980 (cause we were all rallying around the local Stanford coach to turn things around).

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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Loudest boo's I've ever heard for ANY nfl game. Bout f**king time the fans drop their cheese and wine to make some noise!

Originally posted by skynet907:
They shouldn't have boo'd Smith, they should have boo'd Singletary and the entire team.

son I am disappoint.

Yeah but Smith's been the constant for 5 years. Nobody that bad has gotten so many damn opportunities. The fans are finally starting to show their displeasure at the constant sight of mediocrity.
Originally posted by ZRF80:
Boos were the loudest Ive heard, and they were completely justified.

The team hasnt been in the playoffs since 2002 (longest streak in NFC), is still clinging to Alex Smith despite his struggles, and the coaching staff is determined not to change course.

What else are fans supposed to do ? Put a smile on their face and hope for the best ?

Changes need to be made, and if the front office is too blind to see it, then they can HEAR it by listening to disgruntled fans showing their appreciation. Alex Smith has to go, and this "We want Carr" will be a redundant theme everytime he takes the field and miscues a pass. Sing and his staff need to be ousted.
I've been a fan since 1981 and have never heard boos like that before. It was loud and directed at one player. I also have never seen an argument between player coach of that manner since TO and Greg Knapp got into it when they were both here. Vernon and Singletarys exchange wasn't as heated imo. I just think the fan base is fed up with the teams performance. No playoffs since 2002,no SB championship since the 1994 season.

The only reason a change hasn't been made at HC is because there is no one qualified to be an interim HC on this staff (shocker). A change will come atthe end of the season with a new QB and Coaching staff.
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