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So, I am not following...

FANS, come on this site to voice their opinions be it good, bad, neutral, whatever, and the threads get continuously locked.

If I want to say that the team I have been following for 25 years is performing poorly where do I go to share my thoughts with my fellow followers?

I am being serious. I bought and will continue to buy product through this site. I want an answer.

I made a thread with a subject line of 0-5 and it gets locked. Then a Official trade for a QB thread and same result.

However, the Official Fire Singletary thread remains. It seems like bias and subjective thread selection. What is the deal mods? I want a clear answer. Thanks.
Nevermind. i was going to post something, but after this series i am just giving up.

i am glad i stayed home to watch the giants game.

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You're more likely to get your answer if you PM one of us, rather than complaining on the forum itself...THAT just tends to get you a warning...
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