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Who do you blame for the Atlanta loss?

Use this thread to point fingers.

Keep it civil.

Alex Smith and Nate Clements. The D held them to 16, so what more can you expect?
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In order

Alex and Nate. No one else.
Nate Davis.
the whole team.
Who cares!? Bottom line is the 9ers and 0-4.
Michael Lewis


Canada of course. Always Blame Canada.

1 alex
2 o line ( we couldve got at least a FG on last drive if they gave alex at least 1 second)
3 nate- he had a great game untill he didnt neel the ball and fumbled it instead

in that order
Our secondary. While its tempting to put it all on Nate Clements, who could have won the game if he had stayed down, the Falcons took it from their endzone into FG territory TWICE in the final two minutes. Just as the Saints did before them. There's no reason to trust our defense to hold onto less than a 3-point lead with anytime left on the clock.
Alex Smith. Nate Clements. Mike Singletary. Finishing drives. Everyone.
This ones on loaf of bread Clemments and Manusky.
Atlanta...for showing up
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