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How is this thread NOT locked yet?

A. Because it's awesome.

B. Because it has been completely civil.

C. Because it's an interesting experiement to look at our options had we not picked Alex and/or made a change sooner.

D. Because what the hell is the deal with calling for locking threads just for the sake of locking threads or to get an extra post? It's a discussion going on by those interested, for those not, there are tons of other threads, and it's FAR from a bashing Alex or anyone else thread, just an examination of what has (for other teams) and hasn't (for us) happened in recent history of QB decisions.

There is not really a whole hell of a lot you can do about that now. Once upon a time the Chargers picked Ryan Leaf. Then they picked Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers after that.
So if it does not at first work out. Pick again. Luck or Locker. We should be in position to do so if we keep going like we are. The future is more important than the past. It's not 2005 anymore and we can't get it back.

That is exactly my point. Obviously there is nothing we can do about the past other than learn from it. They drafted arguably the biggest QB bust in draft history (before Jamarcus decided to give him a run for his money), but with a few years of almost getting Peyton Manning, they went from desperate to having one of the best 1-2 QB punches since we had Joe and Steve.

Yet, we let SO many opportunities slide by. Maybe someone would have taken some pressure off Alex and mentored him before he took over, maybe one would have simply become the face of our franchise, maybe one would have been real competition and an incentive for a OC to stay and driven him and/or Alex to become great.

Who knows? But knowing half the teams in the NFL found starting QBs since 2005, and we had a legitimate shot of getting at least 10 of them, means somehow, somewhere, we made a mistake, given that our QB situation still isn't locked in.

It is worth examining, if for no other reasons than to learn going forward and to spend a few moment not focusing on the fact that we are 0-3 until Sunday gives us a chance at redemption.