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End the Black Cleats Era

My beloved 49ers had the great candy red jersey and socks, with white clean expensive cleats...... that was a uniform of WINNERS. Then the worst coach in NFL history (Mike Nolan) decides lets wear corny/cheap/lame/cheesy black cleats. Are we a college footaball team? Are we the Oklahoma Sooners? Are we USC? Geez. This is a professional football team for God sake. Do you see the Steelers or Patriots wear black cleats?

Wake up people. Any thing Mike Nolan had done to this organization needs to be terminated. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
How long is this guy going to last?...
[ Edited by SanDiego49er on Sep 28, 2010 at 2:49 PM ]
Ohhhhhh so that is why we are losing! And here I thought it was because we have been playing like S**t!
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