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Hey guys, Jimmy Raye got fired
Remember this thread from last year?

I detailed Jimmy Raye's failures. These continued into this year. He had to go.
Originally posted by jrg:
Hey guys, Jimmy Raye got fired

Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Jesus Christ I was just watching NFL playbook and they were covering the Chiefs defense from last Sunday's maiming, and wow... THAT PLAYCALLING WAS JUST f**kING BAD. Worst I've seen since even since the Hostler era.

I mean wow... that flea flicker play only had one, repeat ONE active wide receiver (Crabtree) built into the scheme (with 2 blocking TEs), and he's not even the 'type' of WR you'd wanna run on that play! And to add insult to injury there was 2 safeties ready to contain crabs down the seem if it had actually worked!

Here, I drew up a recreation of the exact play Sunday (with the exact personnel/formation)... f**king pathetic... not even Don Coryell would've called up a piece of s**t like this if he were still alive (calling plays) today!

Seriously... f**k YOU, JIMMY RAYE!

I saw the same thing....I couldnt believe what i was seeing
also I saw chilo rachal..getting beat constantly(he needs to sit)
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Quarterback Alex Smith used the words "variability" and "flexibility" when asked how he expects the offense to change under Johnson.

With Raye calling the plays, the 49ers used the same personnel groups – especially on first and second downs – in an effort to overwhelm defenses at the line of scrimmage. But that led to predictability.

"It's certainly finding your mismatches … learning how you can isolate those mismatches and putting, like I said, guys into position to make plays," he said.

"You have to be able to present a lot of different things to the defense," the quarterback said. "You have to be able to make the defense defend a lot of different things."

Just from an article I read. Do these things not seem like common sense in today's NFL? They are speaking of Johnson and what he's trying to bring to the table. I don't know, it just seems if Raye wasn't doing these things it shows his complete lack of knowledge.

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