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Post Game Analysis (vs. Atlanta Falcons)

Such insightful analysis in this thread.


oh shiite look at the numbers next each of the smiley's....

0-4 lmfao

The positive of the game is that Sing got the guys up to play hard.

The problem is that they still shoot themselves in the foot at the worst time. Nate's fumble is a synopsis of this team. But then the D crumbled and let them drive for the FG. If it were just one player, you cut / bench the player.

This s*** is systematic.

At least we are a little closer to blowing it all up. Jed won't be happy with the whole stadium thing still going on. F*** the Yorks.

Eddie D would fire Sing right now. I wasn't expecting to win but I was hoping we would. This loss is just, unbelievable.
Originally posted by jones49:
Originally posted by Chaoslord209:
Why the hell was Clements holding the int with one freaking hand?

Cus he is a selfish a*****e.

f**king Pop Warner mistakes!! Secure the motherf**king ball. If he goes down, all we had to do was run out the clock... Worst case we would have had a FG. Damn this ill prepared team!! Smith with his dumb ass play. Two interceptions and a WTF intentional grounding... Gonna be a long ass season and off season!!
Originally posted by eahudson49:
What we learned about our Niners today:

Our season is indeed over.
We will not win the NFC West.
Jimmy Raye was not our only issue.
Coach Sing is in over his head.
Alex Smith is not NFL ready. you could add : he never will
We should've kept Sean Hill and let Alex go.
We don't miss Michael Lewis.
Nate's time is over.
We're good enough to just come close in some games.
The Niners need to wipe the coaching staff slate clean and start over.
Now is the time to start looking at possible HC replacements.
The better Bay Area football team is not in SF.
Our season is indeed over.

Any positive's? Only that all away game Sunday's will now be free for me to do other more constructive things.

i agree with what's in bold characters
Big Dix was in for 1 play and got a first down.

no Westbrook.
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Post game Analysis? We beet ourselves once again. Weather it be int's., penalties, lack of protection, defense giving up big plays, Clements bonehead play, whatever it may be we found a way to lose. Sing sais he want's winners, our team is full of a bunch of players that don't know how to win. Alex, Gore, VD, Crabtree, Willis, Spikes, Staley, Sing., Clements have been losers their entire NFL careers. These guys don't know how to win a game. Everyone of them falters when the going gets tough.

Are team is losers, not hating, I still love this team, but we don't have a single player or coach that has won anything in their careers. That is why we implode on a daily basis.
i notice the mods don't let us talk anymore
Sickening loss, we were one Nate clements knee away from winning that ballgame. Really it shuoldnt have been that close but alex smith made sure we shot ourselves in the foot and gave up the momentum. Overall I thought our defense played well, they were on the field waay to long at the end of the game (thanks again nate) so u can blame them for getting tired, taylor mays played well. Bottom line is this game is evidence that alex smith is done and our team is cursed, im ready to vomit all over my laptop, yea it might be time for a qb change.
You want a post game analysis?? How bout this:

1) WE always find a way to lose close games

2) Coach singletary doesn't know his head from his a$$

3) Alex smith does, in fact, SUCK.

4) Manusky loves to give up games with 12 yard cushions and zone defense.

5) Mike Johnson did pretty decent on calling plays. He should stick around.

Oh yeah...


I saw some good things today:

Taylor Mays will do better than Michael Lewis
The offensive play calling was better
We do have playmakers in Crabtree, VD and Gore.

The bad things:

Alex Smith is not the QB for us--already the Rams are a better team than the Niners cause they have the QB.

The key play was Smiths int with the Niners driving late first half--a usual Alex int--short throw off target that gets tipped or just picked.

Smiths other int also when driving lost us our momentum--then the D was stout--till the end of the game.

end of the game D always seems to wilt---if they have to, must hold the opponent--they don't.

Clements gets dumb play of the year---the game was won--just fall down.

To me the big question is---why do the niners always face such a heavy pass rush--is the O line that bad---I don't think that is the right conclusion---I think teams feel they can bring a lot of guys at Alex because they have no fear that he will make them pay with a big pass.

All in all---this team is not that far away---and the bad record actually helps us in the future IF it helps us get a real NFL QB.
what was the unfair question asked to sing?
Sing's post game.

Why does he confront reporters. He deserves to be confronted. His s*** doesn't stink.

"We just need to work harder"
Congratulations Niners fans, we are OFFICIALLY worse than the Rams. I can't think of any team in the league we are better than. This team is a joke. 0-4 is unacceptable. I've been waiting going on 9 years to watch my team go to the playoffs. Instead we get the west coast version of the Detroit Lions. This f*****g pisses me off. I can't stand to watch this awful brand of football, and if the Yorks think for one second I a gonna pay $100 for one ticket to watch this team get their asses handed to them week after week they are sorely mistaken. I can spend the $100 on booze to medicate my anger at this organization.

When they're on the field for that long, with the offense not doing s**t at all for 45 minutes, they can't stop them the entire game. They're a good defense but the offense needs to help by putting points on the board.

The OC switch was great, got Crabtree more involved, didn't run the f**king ball every play, put us in a position to score points.

Alex Smith f**king sucks, he's garbage, and he needs to be benched. I don't give a f**k if David Carr is horrible or not, at least he's different. Maybe Troy Smith knows the offense enough and can get in the game, but if not, then put in Carr until he does.

Bench Rachal and Baas, put Heitman back in to center and move Baas to RG.

FML I hate this s**t, fire Sing too I don't care, put Paraag out there as HC for the rest of the season or some s**t, it doesn't matter.
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