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if baas is working out at center i wouldnt try to put heitman in there and have alex get used to him, heitman will compete at RG, which is good, competition will make all 3 of the candidates better
I really dont think Heitmann has a chance at taking over RG. He is the least physical and probably the smallest lineman the team has and has held the C job for so long due to his brains. Snyder looked good at RG against the saints and if he and bass can keep it up then the oline looks like it wont be the weakness it has been.
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You know you suck when people start thinking Adam Snyder is an upgrade over you. Jus sayiin.

Lmao, damn, that's harsh, eric!

harsh but true my friend

Disagree. Rachal may be turning the corner, too early to tell. But the comparison to Snyder is wrong. Snyder at tackle flat out sucks, I never want to see him there again. But at guard he is a very different proposition.

Baas had better win the battle for center because I think he is finished at guard. But this thread proves on point. Not only are the starters transformed but we have depth on the line! At last!

Agree with your assemt w/ Rachal, Baas and the quality depth on the OL. The coaching staff needs to remember the last time Heitmann came back from a broken leg...Seattle game where Alex Smith injured his shoulder on a sack up the middle by Rocky Bernard It may be prudent to wait until Heitmann gets back up to strenght and speed or hope that Baas continues his play w/the OL..either way I like the depth and the direction of the OL.
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