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Crabtree vs. DHB 2010

2009 Stats:

Michael Crabtree - 48 receptions, 625 yards (long 50), 2 TDs, 1 FL
Darrius Heyward-Bey - 9 receptions, 124 yards (long 24), 1 TD, 0 FL

2010 Stats:

Michael Crabtree - 31 receptions, 385 yards (long 32), 3 TDs, 0 FL
Darrius Heyward-Bey - 19 receptions, 266 yards (long 69), 1 TDs, 0 FL

I'll keep this thread updated throughout the season. Crabtree laughed last year at the draft when DHB was taken before him, now it is time for him to back it up. I hope he doesn't think his 48 catch rookie campaign was enough to make him a proven commodity. So far Hakeem Nicks of the Giants is making Crabtree look like more of a mistake by the 49ers than Crabtree is making Heyward-Bey look like a mistake by the Raiders.

Update: In Week 5, Michael Crabtree caught 9 passes for 105 yards while Darrius Heyward-Bey made no receptions. Michael Crabtree surpassed Heyward-Bey for the first time statistically in 2010 with his latest performance.

In Week 6, Michael Crabtree proved to be the better WR on the field, no doubt about it.

In Week 8 Crabtree and Heyward-Bey both looked like studs!

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U are over reacting. Crabs is hands down the best player. Raiders would swap them in a second.
Crabs sucks
Originally posted by teeohh:
Crabs sucks

This. Haha
But how Crab going to gain yards if the ball is barely thrown his way, yes he dropped some passes but he's not the main target.. YET
as soon as smith trusts crabtree AGAIN this the comparison will be haha
we should just throw it deep to crabs and see if he can bring it down like andre johnson. if he can't we should cut him!
yup, he needs to gain AS's trust again. Anyone notice that Morgan got 70+yds last game? its pretty obvious who Smith has confidence in...Davis, Gore, Morgan...

edit: it was 70 not 100, i musta misread the something...

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If we throw him the ball he will put up #'s. So far we don't throw it to him.
Yea...Crabs is killin me on my Fantasy

Originally posted by CrankDatCrabtree:
Yea...Crabs is killin me on my Fantasy

You aint ever lie tell me about it...
Originally posted by sean610:
Originally posted by CrankDatCrabtree:
Yea...Crabs is killin me on my Fantasy

You aint ever lie tell me about it...

this gave me a headache
this is pointless unless your a raiders fan because if the raiders would have taken crabtree we would not have taken DBH because he was not ranked that high on our draft.
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It's okay, Crabs gave DHB a headstart last year too. How did that work out for him?
we dont even throw him his usual 3-4 screen passes like we did last year. weird
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