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anyone see it yet?

Which 0-2 team has the best chance to make the playoffs?

we're up at the moment 36%
vikings at 35%

it has more to do with us being in the west though.
which i know there's all those stats about 0-2 teams not going to the playoffs, but there is no clear runaway for the west.

p.s. - please, let me just live with some hope. don't bash me. haha.
this guy's seen it:
I think that has mostly to do with the nationally televised game against the SB champs where we did well defensively, moved the ball well, but just got careless with the ball. People know that once we address the issue of putting the ball in the ground, we should be in good shape.
Too bad the polls don't determine who get's into the playoffs.
NFC west FTW
Originally posted by susweel:
NFC west FTW
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i never understood why people like being thread nazi's here
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