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Is Chilo Rachal a bust?

Is Chilo Rachal a bust?

Chilo will never have his "bust" in Canton that's for sure...
Originally posted by Surly-Z:
Yeah he's a big ol USC-hype machine product (kinda like our 2nd rounder this year, but I digress).

Rachal over DeSean Jackson is a good example of so many bad choices our coaches have made recently--all based on putting a philosophy of "Fisicality" over, well, quality.

Imagine how much better we'd be if we'd taken DeSean instead of Chilo, Oher instead of Crabtree, and Earl Thomas instead of Anthony Davis...Oh and yeah, Aaron Rodgers instead of Alex Smith.

Man, its like they're trying to piss us all off.

i dont think anthony davis is that bad, hes playing pretty well for a rookie with a fat useless b*****d playing next to him. oher crabtree? its too early to tell who is more valuable at this point. desean chilo is definitely a loss for us. smith rodgers are interchangeable as far as im concerned rodgers wouldve been f**kin destroyed in SF just like Smith was.
Lee Hammer says "Yes"
well he sucks right now
Chilo needs to keep his ass on the bench.
Originally posted by backontop:
Chilo needs to keep his ass on the bench.
Change my vote to "yes".
i wouldn't call a 2nd round pick a bust
according to sing if hes healthy hes starting this week...
I loved this pick. I was dead wrong. I think he should have the rest of the season, but he is looking pretty bust-esque right now

Unless he steppes it up big time he is one big baby of a bust.
he's good at run blocking. that's about it though
Originally posted by FourNine49:
he's good at run blocking. that's about it though

From what I have seen this year, he sucks at both. The entire OLine plays better when Snyder is in the game and Rachal is on the bench. Gore runs better and Smith has more time to throw the ball.
Give Solari and Brown some more time to work him Rachal. I wouldn't say bust yet, but he's running out of time.
He's not officially a bust............but he's getting very, very close!! He should NOT be starting. He's a pet project of singletary's. Snyder, Baas, and/or Heitmann should start at guard for the rest of the season!
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