Round 5, Pick 2: 49ers select Iowa TE George Kittle

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Is Chilo Rachal a bust?

Is Chilo Rachal a bust?

dJ, i don't mean to kick up a shid storm, but this is a similar story when we get back to alex. I refused to be either pro or con alex until he a)got a decent coach(and MJ qualifies, as does improvement in JR/bigmike), and b) he got a decent OL(he got a great one, and C and OG play improved when guys around them improved.) Strange how that always seems to happen that way. Don't get me wrong, chilo and alex are two entirely different stories, both ruined by lousy coaching and crappy play alongside or in front of them. Pick up the coaching, pick up the play of other OL guys, and holy cow, everybody suddenly looks better. AMAZING...but 100% predictable. Don't give up on chilo, guys, as he has just started getting the coaching he needs, and bigRay and solari are just the two guys to bring him around. Not Bob McK, but cut from the same cloth. OL outlook? REALLY promising.
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even if he is he'll still play because he is singletarys pet.
he sucks.
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Yes! He is a Niner Killer, He sucks.
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the kwame harris of guards
Originally posted by A-R-S:
the kwame harris of guards

was about 2 say ditto
Originally posted by A-R-S:
the kwame harris of guards
Kwame Rachel
hes sucking now
idk but he sucks
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Absolutely, I see heitman in his spot when he comes back. I think snyder should be there now.
From the guy that was known as IHOP in College because of the number of pancakes he had

He is now Sheila Rachal
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