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What would make you happy Monday night, what do you want to see from the 49ers?

Originally posted by BrianGO:
I want to see Alex Smith throw it 5 yards over Vernon Davis's head, so I can blame the O-line, WR's, RB's and coaching staff for our pathetic, historically bad quarterback play.


Here's what I don't want to see:

Time outs outside four minutes to go in a half
Delay of game penalties
Running play's up the gut on 3rd or 4th & short
DB's biting on pump fakes
what would make me happy Monday night:

we pull off a victory.

no one gets injured.

our db's don't play like jr. highschool GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alex smith throws more than 3 ACCURATE passes!!!!!!!

the girlfriends/mothers of the o-line gives the o-line players their balls back - they'll need it for this game (big time)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sing/yoda/manusky don't get out coached (this is like asking humans to walk on water)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, i could be a homer most times, i am optimistic most times and i will still cheer for our guys no matter how much MOST of them p!$$ us off, but i'm mostly a realist.

if we couldn't stop a depleted o-line that lost their o-line coach before the game, if we couldn't run the ball against a d-line that really isn't good, IF WE CAN'T OUTSMART/OUT COACH A COLLEGE-RAH RAH-COACH that looks like an ugly woman wearing a wig, if we can't handle noise after preparing all week for it, if we can't throw accurate passes to guys that are more open than a pornstar, if we can't catch a pass that was right in your bread basket, if we can't get the referees to open their STUPID (probably corrupt gamblers) BLIND EYES, if we can't stop 53 year olds from catching passes, if we can't stop ex-overweight bums from off the streets from catching passes, then how in hell are we going to stop the SB champs!!!?

i don't need your paper bag (dumb saints fan), i already have mine prepared, but i won't put it on until after the game... i want everyone to see my ugly, disgusted looking mug from all the dissapointment that the 49ers will cause!

pre-season champs turned regular season chumps!!!!!!!!!!!!

and after all that, i still believe we have a decent chance to win... that's what would make me happy.

there is only one possible way I am going to get any happiness on Monday night. And that would be because the Gold Rush is mysteriously missing, and there is a flurry of knocks at my door.

I can't fathom any other joy that night.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
a win.
Not having to use a timeout to avoid a delay of game.
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I haven't seen the Hawks game in it's entirety (Long story short, Watched 1st half we looked good watched another show during halftime & when I switched back....ugly) Judging from the final score, it's doesn't take an guru to know that: THIS TEAM FELL APART!

This is what I NEED TO see from my 49ers: I want them to understand they blew game 1 & all they can do now is learn from it. I hope the @$$-kicking at the Seahawks' hands will serve as wake up call. This division WON'T BE GIVEN TO US. THIS TEAM NEEDS TO REALIZE THAT IF THEY WANT TO GO TO THE PLAYOFFS, THEN THEY NEED TO LOOK AT EVERY GAME AS IF IT IS THE PLAYOFFS.

I said this on another thread....but It holds true on this one as well.
Have the madden curse show up on drew brees first pass attempt
Coaching that can get all the plays in early so the QB can read the defense and the Oline can make there calls

I would like to see our OL moving people when run blocking and and increasing the time that the QB has when pass blocking

I would like to see timely game adjustments being made by the coaching staff before the game gets away from them.

I would finally like to see All of the our players executing the plays.

I have gotten quite acustomed to losing by now so if they keep it close and respectable I will now consider that a win.

I just don't want to see another 31-06 kind of game again this season.
A win. But thats not gonna happen.

I want to see Jimmy Raye's old a** on the sideline with the playbook cheat sheet in one hand and a 5-hour energy drink in the other.
Touchdowns by our big 3 (Gore, Davis, Crabtree). Gore over 100 yards rushing and 70 from the other runners. Alex with 250+ yards and 3 TD's. Long time consuming drives.
Most of all I want the defense to prove it's as good as they say. I want to see Brees get knocked on his arse several times clean hit or not. I want to see Willis do the same thing he did to Brad Smith to Bush.

Asking a lot but really Id be just fine with a 1 point win.
I would just be happy with a strong effort... from the "play-calling" to the execution.

Oh by the way, how about some of that blitzin' we saw during the pre-season.
Just show up this time ready to play!
Originally posted by 49ersBest1:
I want to see Jimmy Raye's old a** on the sideline with the playbook cheat sheet in one hand and a 5-hour energy drink in the other.

alex smith throw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns
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