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Score Prediction against Seattle

SF 31-17
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17-6 Niners
Originally posted by dbdublin:
17 - 10 49ers.

Only because Seattle is a tough place to play. Much more lopsided when they come here.

I was thinking along those lines. 20-10.

Jimmy Raye will do everything he can to keep the 49ers from revealing too much for the next game. In other words, " I ran outa ideas after the 3rd play."

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Niners 27-14
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24-16, Niners over SheHawks
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35-9 Niners
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Originally posted by Psinex:

brb... gotta go start up madden and try to duplicate this exact score... maybe if enough of us do this it'll send some sorta madden voodoo hex on Seattle...
Originally posted by The_Distort:
17 - 13 for the Niners. Not a hater, but I can see Sing and Raye making this one uneasy on the fans with really conservative playcalling.

Lets hope those days are over, and mark a new era of "blowouts are the best defense". They are, in the way the other team has to play offense. 34-10...SF!!!
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Originally posted by BigRon:

oops, 30-15 NINERS
I was watching nfc play book and they said they want to see a mix of run and pass. Last year we were more explosive in that 3-4 WR set. If we force the run we will win by 7-10pts, if we find a nice balance we can put up 30+
I'm not confident in our coaching staff to game-plan to take advantage of Seattle's weaknesses. Instead, I see us "imposing our will" and therefore, this game will end up being much closer then it should. There should be a heavy dose of running and clock management. Alex won't have many opportunities to really take charge. Is that a "bell" I hear over the 12th man?

Niners 20-17 would be my best guess.
Originally posted by NickV:
49ers - 27
Seahags- 13

Sounds about right.

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