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#15 & #85, can they both achieve 1,000 yard seasons?

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2009 Stats:
Vernon Davis - 16 games, 78 receptions, 965 yards (long 73 yards), 13 TDs
Michael Crabtree - 11 games, 48 receptions, 625 yards (long 50 yards), 2 TDs

I don't believe we've had a 1,000 yard receiver since Owens left in 2003. Vernon nearly hit the mark last season, but an off and on case of the dropsies kept him from achieving that milestone.

What do the Webzoners think? Can they both achieve the 1,000 yard mark, if not, who do you think is more likely between the two to reach the target?
I think both will be close, and the one with the best shot to me is Crabtree, he is our #1 WR and while VD is a threat we still have Delanie and even Byham.

I would love to see VD and Crabs at 1,000 each, and Gore at a 1,000 rushing and maybe 450 receiving.

So Alex would have over 2,400 yards passing before the others, which would be a great yr and a new contract IMO.

Oh and congrats on the 400th post, your on your way,
While I could see either of them making those yards , I doubt that they both will. I think that Davis if Healthy has most chemistry with Smith and also creates the desired mismatches with the opposing defenses.

One of the deciding factors of this question will really be Alex Smith. No bashing intended.

You gotta love seeing these two competing for the most yards.
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they sure can its gonna come down to less 3 and outs and more extended drives
I see VD at about 800 and Crabs at about 1100.
i see both of em at around 900
Nope. Expect a LOT of Frank Gore this season.
Originally posted by Leathaface:
I see VD at about 800 and Crabs at about 1100.

+1 Agreed on both
I think they will. Although it depends how many times Smith throws it to them, instead of Delanie Walker..

Oh, and,

Originally posted by AB83Rules:

Oh and congrats on the 400th post, your on your way,


Only if Alex can be a 4,000 yard passer. In order for this to happen we would have to become an elite offense, and I'd put the odds of that at somewhere between 0 and 000000000001 percent.

Not intending to be an Alex bashing post either. I think there's limitations to the passing offense put on by the coach. We want to be ball control.
Originally posted by Leathaface:
I see VD at about 800 and Crabs at about 1100.

It is hard for me to imagine Davis's numbers falling off by nearly two-hundred yards. Despite tying the record for TDs by a TE in 2009, his season left a lot of room for improvement; less drops, getting his head turned around when the QB is under pressure, running better routes, not quitting on plays, etc. On top of all that, I think his chemistry with Smith will take another step this year and he has a good shot at breaking the TD record.

As for Crabtree, I have no idea what he is going to do this season. He amazed me last year and I won't be surprised if he wows me again. I think an extra year of practice with Smith will also pay off in a major way.

I'll close by saying that while I'm not sure they'll both reach 1,000 yards, I think they'll combine for more than 2,000 yards receiving this season.
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Yes, with the edge to Crabs just due to his position. But I think it's quite realistic.
I agree with some of the posters that Frank Gore will be the focal point of this offense -- which he should be. In respect to VD I don't think he gets quite as many yards. One poster said 800/1000 for VD/Crabs and I think that is quite plausible.
I hope so! Davis had his share of dropped passes last season, but he did very well for himself, and I hope he can continue on that path. Same goes for Crabtree. Just hope they both stay healthy and productive.
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