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Grade Alex Smith's performance in Game 2 vs Minnesota...

Grade Alex Smith's performance in Game 2 vs Minnesota...

Smith was the best I have seen. I would actually give him an A because he was given vanilla plays that are easy to defend, yet still succeeded.

BTW, some mention of Raye's, let's wait...
I would say B! He had a good first drive, then kind of went splat. The playcalling still makes me scratch my head, as it probably will all season, but Smith still did pretty well...
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first drive -

rest of game -

Typical Smith..........inconsistent. But I'll give the homers this one. He came out and led a pretty good drive. We'll see what happens next week.
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
Definitely a B, B+, cuz theres always room for improvement.

But im takin this game just like i did, when i watched the GB Seattle game. A commentator said a good [url=null]null[/url] QB and offense wont stall on their first drive of the game if at home. And Rodgers continued to get them first downs on his arm, until they scored on the opening drive. If he didnt play again after that, it would of been acceptable.

So on that basis, not a comparison, so lets not go there. Just giving him props to driving us all the way down the field on the opening drive, and got us in the endzone.
If he can do this with no weapons, how can anyone think he'll do worst when everyone is back.

Good Game, and cant wait to see next weeks. I just hope EVERYONE that can play, will play.

I saw the same thing with Alex. I just see him getting better and better. No one knows what his ceiling or peak is just yet, and with all the weapons he'll have this year I believe his performance will continue to improve.
It wasn't so much his performance that was impressive, it was his demeanor.

He handled pressure well and cut out the happy feet. Showing this type of command and patience is a very refreshing thing to see. I didn't think he had it in his DNA. Will it remain throughout the season? Time will tell. Nevertheless, encouraging development.
As the biggest -- most notorious -- and most outspoken CRITIC (tied with Shaj) -- of ALEX SMITH on this board -- I rate his play an: A PLUS.

This is for the first drive only.

Let's be clear here: Alex really only had one drive to show us his stuff -- and that was the first one. Raye clearly put the clamps back on him after "The Drive." He gave us a taste -- and that's all that we needed. It's probably the best all around Alex Smith performances I've seen period.

You simply cannot rate him for the rest of the game because Raye switched to Offense Vanilla after the opening drive.

Smith surprised me. I didn't think he had it in him. I really thought he'd stink up the joint. Instead -- he came out spitting bullets and getting hits. He looked like an old gunslinger back in that pocket -- and -- I might also add -- that the entire offensive line must receive equal praise -- including our two rookies. They were superb.

HOWEVER! Before a Smith diehard attempts to serve me a steaming pile of crow -- I'm not satisfied. Not for a minute. I'm still not convinced. I'm more confused now than I was last week -- but I'm not going to "believe" and sit down to some steamin' hot crow until I see this kind of performance CONSISTENTLY on a week in and week out basis.

But -- as for "The Drive?" Nice...
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A-/B+ but it's preseason....& VD, Gore, CrABZ not playing.
Originally posted by Nes49:
A-/B+ but it's preseason....& VD, Gore, CrABZ not playing.

Yea our starters would have helped
The first drive against the Viking Varsity was sweet, especially considering No Gore, Vernon or Crabtree. I'll give him a solid A- for that alone.

Originally posted by ZRF80:
first drive -

rest of game -

Typical Smith..........inconsistent. But I'll give the homers this one. He came out and led a pretty good drive. We'll see what happens next week.

How was he inconsistent the rest of the game? There was s**tty playcalling and dropped balls. lmao I swear it's like some people watch the game but don't even know what they're watching.
Oh yeah and I voted B
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Wonder if he stepped it up because of the "all eyes on Davis" scenario. I'd give him a B overall.

Holy moly, Batman! Syber gave him a "B"'s the first signs of the Apocalypse!!!

Yea, all we need is Sus to give him an "A" and it 2012!!

OH SNAP!!! Too late!!!! BillBird already did..."Run for the hills!!!!"
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Considering his supporting cast and the fact that he was playing against one of the better defenses, I am going to give him an A-.
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This was clearly a big step forward for Smith, but also for the OL. Last season every Smith thread was filled with discussion about how he would do if the OL gave him time to step up in the pocket and throw...well, last night we saw him do that well on that first drive. He was on time and on target. The one that Ginn failed to hold was a pass that a quality NFL receiver should catch, even though it was high. Overall this was a very good performance against one of, if not the best, defensive front 7s in the NFL.

After the false start on the first play of the second possession (looked like a pass play), the play book went in the drawer and nothing was shown.

IOW, this was an A game for the start and the rest is not gradable due to the intentional effort to focus on the running game.
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