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Is Alex calling out VD and Crabs

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I have to agree that Smith's comments were pretty benign. I was getting hung up on the OP's title of Alex "calling out" VD and Crabs, which IMO Alex is no position to do. But I don't think he was calling them out. Sing's comments are more jaded than anything else IMO.
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I guess i can get this back on topic. Just read this quote from Sing. Wonder if it has somethin to do with what Alex said

“I think with Alex, it’s just a matter of him continuing to get in a groove with the guys that we have,” coach Mike Singletary said. “Obviously, he would want Crabtree on the field, you’d want Vernon Davis on the field, but they’re not there so you’re not going to sit over there and whine about it. You’re going to go out there and practice and try to get better. There are a lot of things that he can do as a quarterback to get better that have nothing to do with Vernon and Crabtree.”

The spin doctors were just trying to make something of nothing for yet another chance to question Smith's abilities. The situation is that he made an offhand remark about how he would like to have his best weapons practicing with him, nothing more than that, then Kamikaze or whatever that beat writer's name is decided to add his own spin to it and try to make drama where there isn't any.

i guess as a qb asking your top targets to practice is wrong

Aren't Crabtree and Davis still injured? Or are they milking their injuries?

na theyre injured and i dont want them to play but ppl are blowing this out of proprtion alex just said he wanted to practice with his top targets and all of a sudden they are saying thats calling him out
they better be listening or else he'll go knock them out too

I'm glad Alex is making a stand against STD's.
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