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Brandon Jones RELEASED

Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by lamontb:
Finally it was a wasted signing to begin with.

why do you say that? It was before we drafted Crabtree, we really didnt have anybody else on the roster. Who knows what happens if he was able to stay healthy.

Hey.. ur right.. there is up that true the questions! I have a questions why Brandon Jones has a catch for one and has earning the moneys alot... If he is still injured it but he is already health last Jan till now is Aug 2010 because they are rest or vacation last Jan to Aug.. Now did he is injured that is still? ohh plss... he is silly mofo!! he was idea for wrong and cheat when he earning the moneys when he didn't play for us!!
Can someone please explain to me why Brandon Jones sits on our roster for two years, never gets on the field, then is released and immediately has multiple teams schedule workouts with him?

Hello, the guy was sitting out of practice just last week, how is he now able to all of the sudden workout for other teams?

Why would ANY team be bringing in a guy who couldn't practice just a week before? Did he miraculously heal or something?
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Maybe we should update the title of this thread to read "Brandon Jones RELEASED - Again!"
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