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When do individual tickets go on sale?

Anyone know?
July 23 I think
Any recommendation as for decent seats or section for a decent price at the stick? I dont want the most expensive seats.

I'm in the military and haven't been to a home game for close to 20 years so I dont remember what's where and the nice colorful grid doesn't help me much. I'm finally stationed close enough where i'm going to 3 or 4 games...
Well I can't possibly afford to go to the Stick (this year, next year though, I would REALLY, REALLY want to go), but I want to go with my pal to watch his Titans kick the Cowpie's butt. What do you guys use to buy tickets?

Ticketmaster and Stubhub sound good, anything else that's legit?
Ask Jim.
Monday for season ticket holders.
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