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Anyone else get their season tickets today?

Nothing for me yet.
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No. They best be coming with the quickness though.

LE SEC. 31

What row, man?

44 and 45.......right on the 50

NICE! I'm in LE39 - on the 10, but only 18 rows off the field.

the only drawback to my seats are on hot days the sun can be a b***h, otherwise best seats in the house IMO.
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Nothing for me yet.

me neither and I live in SF for christ sake......but my local post office are a bunch of morons....I always get stuff late.
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Wish I had seen the responses/requests earlier. I left my tickets at the office and can't get closeups now.

Yes the envelope is sweet! Not sure why/when Willis is firing up the offense, but I guess a leader is a leader.

The picture on the home opener ticket with coach Singletary is VERY badass. Can't see it from my pic, but he looks like a mean mofo in a good way. "It's my kind of party!" look.

I do miss the extras (dvd, pins, etc) they used to send, but at least this year the packaging is inspiring, if not somewhat cheapie. Better they use the money towards getting/keeping the best product on the field anyway.

In talking with my rep a few weeks ago, we are SUPPOSED to receive some cool extras with our season tickets....In the renewal packets they sent out back in Feburary(ish?) there was a section that said we'd be getting some cool stuff like ticket lanyards, pocket schedules, and other stuff....

If we don't get anything, that's a rip.

My packet just had the tickets, a season ticket handbook, and a Ticketmaster brochure.
These look absolutely awesome! As I live in England, however, it looks like I won't be getting season tickets anytime soon... :)

If anyone has a hi-res version of that main cover of the season tickets that would be awesome, would love that as my desktop...

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