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Its that time again!! Frickz Picz Mini Camp 2010 Edition

Hey guys, once again im back doin what i like to do.. Hope yall enjoy as much as the past. Here are some of the best ones and as always can see the slideshow and link to rest of the pics on my site.


"11 85 Chemistry"

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1st play of the day 10 yd Post to OL Anthony Davis

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Thanks for posting brotha.
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btw, is it me or does crabtree's chinstrap always cover half his face
I envy you frick.
Great Pics. Especially the one where Gore has a giant grin. C'mon training camp!
Thanks All... Your comments are what makes it all worth it !!

Cheers for sharing.

Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
I envy you frick.

Me too! Awesome pictures.
f**k dude i wanted to go. but i was and have been just way to tired(sleepy) and was nervous i would fall asleep on the way there or back. when i fell asleep on the couch at 130ish i said hell no to going.

but one of these days fricker i am going to meet you, andthenonthatdayiwillfollowyouhomeandstealallyours**t.

chilo is yoked
A Few Points:
  • Spencer has got to be related to Eddie Murphy
  • Clements looks to be in better shape than last year
  • Rachal, Iupati, and Davis are all huge
  • Davis and Walker lined up next to eachother should be a promising formation for us
  • Coffee is noticeably bulkier than last year
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