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Anyone going to the 49ers @ Panthers game?

i stay in charlotte...if i can get tix, i def will make it to the game...i went to the 49ers @ Cardinals, season opener last year and LOVED IT!!! i hope the panthers game is even better!!

a plus is that my dad works the beer concessions on the 1st floor at the panthers games so free drinks dont hurt either!!
Hell yeah. I'll be there. Last time I went to a Panthers game, I was sitting behind the Niners bench on the side of the field where Garcia threw a TD to TO in the corner of the endzone with time running out. Then we had to get the two point conversion to send it to overtime. We got it and then got the coin flip. We took the ball right down the field, as Garrison Hearst broke a big run down to about the 20. We ran it up the middle a couple of times and kicked the FG for the win.

I actually kind of felt bad for the Panthers fans in that stadium. They totally had the game in hand with about a minute left in regulation. It did not feel like we were going to come back that day.

The coolest part was getting to see The Genius walk down onto the sideline during the OT session. You could see that shock of white hair as soon as he was on the field. RIP Bill Walsh.
I'm going to try. I'll be in a better financial situation in a couple of months so I'll save for it. My father and my younger brother might go.

When we used to live in FL we saw them play the buc's, that infamous game when both Jerry Rice and Steve Young got hurt. Very bad day.

We saw the 49ers light up Joe Robbie Stadium on a monday night game, when we had multiple players injured like Young, W. Floyd, etc. Bradshaw said he gauranteed us to loose.....Let's just say they should have changed the name to their stadium "JRS: The Jerry Rice Show" cuz we crushed them.

We also saw a terrible defeat against Jacksonville, 49-3.
I might be because I LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA BABY!!! f**k these southern Panther FANS!!!!
Ill be there for sure and possibly the ATL game as well. We had a great time last time the 2 teams played and watching Clements and Steve Smith mouth off was great as well. Panther fans suck ass and always hated them. I am 2 hours from Charlotte (near Fayetteville) so of course ill be there.
i'll either be going to the atl or car game haven't decided yet.
I live about an hour north of Charlotte. So, if I'm still here, you bet I'm gonna try to get to that game.

Only other time I've gotten to see the "good guys" play was against that awful black&gold team from my hometown. Panther fans aren't anywhere near as ruckus, but I have a feeling it's gonna be an even better experience - thanks to a W!
I will be there for sure.
i'll be there all the way from minnesota..............
Anyone going to be in town the night before we should find a close bar or something have a few drinks.

I might go. Leaving from Gainesville. my brother has a condo in downtown charlotte!
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Originally posted by Nuns:
I'll be at Arrowhead for the September bashing of the Chiefs. I'll be on the Chief's sideline, first row at the 50.

See you there.. Nice Seats
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
ask Fricker he goes to a s**t ton of games

This guy speaks the truth, and Yea Carolina game is on my scehedule for this year.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Nope so far me and my boys been planning to go to the Monday Night Saints game and the Raiders game

Hell yea I'm going to those two games too.

I might go to our Monday night game in Arizona because my cuz lives down the street from that stadium.
damn it, if i was still living in sc you might of had some company
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