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With 49ers vs Saints MNF.. New Movement is in Order

Hey guys, most of you know me, I have been to 42 games since 2007 and plan on attending between 11 to 13 more this year. But its enough about me. This is a serious matter..

As the title states, we are playing the Saints week 2 ala our home opener, ala national TV. This is our chance as fans to show the world how good we can be, and in the process the play should be returned on the feel. If you are a type of person who doesnt believe that crowd noise has an effect on the game this thread is not for you leave now. But for those of you who do please keep reading..

We as fans already have a pretty decent Hype and noise, The problem is alot of times it is at the wrong time. But with this new movement we are going to try and reach out to others to correct this..

The name of the movement is "Rock the Stick" the goal is to get fans that arent as knowledgeable to learn that part of Defense is our Crowd Noise. If we go in there and let Brees feel all calm, we are going to get torched.

So i guess ill get to the point, If you have Twitter, please follow @RocktheStick and also if u want to know more or spread the word, use #RocktheStick .

We have already talked to Matt Maiocco, and Dashon Goldson, they both seem to be on board, Goldson said "hell yah we need tht. We need to sell out all home games. Yall make a big difference believe tht"

After the draft i am going to connect with my contact inside the 49ers Front office and see what they think of the idea. I feel we could get this to be big, and Bring back the Noise to the Stick. If your with us great!! if your not its your choice.

If you want to help out but dont have twitter please just post it on ur facebook or any where else.

Thanks for your time...

Jesse Fricker

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Agreed. ROCK THE STICK!!!!!!!!!!!
Pass it on to all your friends, People think we dont have a chance against the Saints, the Team and the fans will show that we do in 2010. LETS DO THIS!!
When I saw that we would be playing the Saints this year I knew that it would be a tough game for us. I am glad to see that it is in week 2 and on national TV, because I believe this will play in our favor. The last few years we have been able to start the season strong so I think we will play New Orleans tough, and it also seems that whenever we are on National TV we play above our abilities. Look at some of our late season games against Arizona or Seattle on MNF/SNF the last few years...great 49er games. And I agree with the original poster, this will give a chance for our young team to really show the world how good we can be this year, and we are legitimate contenders for the NFC West.

Is It September already? I cant wait!
Big game for us against the Saints week 2. If we can win this game on Prime Time it will set the tone and the attitude for this team for the rest of the year.

We will beat the defending Champs and give this team more confidence than it ever had before, and hopefully that will keep us from having our usual 5-7 game losing streak in the middle of the season that always ruins our chances of the postseason.

This game is more than just a game, this game will put the niners back in the conversation as post season contenders.

HOLY s**t!!!!!! I can't believe how excited i got when they released the schedule i wish the season started this weekend.
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I'm gonna make a shirt that says it.
Sounds good - I'm following!
Brees will torch us anyways but f**k yeah!! Rock the Stick baby!!

Im in! I always lose my voice when i go to niner games anways.
Prime time games are always loud, it's the regular 1pm games that need help.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Im in! I always lose my voice when i go to niner games anways.

Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Prime time games are always loud, it's the regular 1pm games that need help.


there are the games, where we are so quiet, that seneca wallace looks like brett favre as he torches us. (2008 i think)
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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Agreed. ROCK THE STICK!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa....buddy....this a family forum now.
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