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My Prediction for the 49ers' Offense in 2010

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Originally posted by crzy:
Originally posted by Kilgore_Trout:
Originally posted by Antix:
Originally posted by susweel:
Not much to really compare, those teams have completely different types of players. I think comparing them is useless.

He's just just talking offense.

They had arguably the best TE in the game, We have arguably the best TE in the league
They had a stud at RB, We have a stud at RB
The had a good numher one receiver, we have (at very least) a good number one receiver.

We still need the QB and line play.

The comparison is valid.

Alex Smith is better than Trent Green and Elvis Grbac. I believe it was one of those two who were the QBs at the time.

Are you kidding?

Trent Green and Elvis Grbac have 3 pro bowls between them and four 4000 yard seasons. Comparing Alex Smith to these guys is an insult.

Alex Smith isn't even remotely on the level of Grbac or Green.

Seriously. Very entertaining, nonetheless, to see people elevate Alex's play to the level of guys like Green and Grbac. At this point, I wouldve thought that we'd be pulling the Alex praise down a notch, like at Couch's level.
Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by verb1der:
Originally posted by Joecool:
Let's take a real look at this:

How many players on our offense can get the ball and take it 80 yards or take it to the TD on any given play?

1: Vernon Davis

2: Maybe Frank Gore

And that's all folks!!

Now, on most teams, their #1 WR can do this and they usually have 2 RBs with enough speed to do this.

Our main guy that can do it is 250 pounds. We simply need more speed.

In Ted Ginn Jr we trust?!

He's strictly a deep ball receiver. I don't think we have ONE player on offense who can catch a 5 yard route and put fear in the defense that he's capable of taking it to the endzone anytime. Vernon has the speed but he doesn't have the quickness. Ginn has the speed but he isn't really a "short route" kind of guy.

We lack overall speed on offense. KC beat us with speed (rookies). I think Williams is probably our only guy who's shifty enough and fast enough to score from anywhere. Too bad we don't like to use rookies or new players in our offense very often.

Crabtree last season? 2 rookies starting on the line? VD? Smith? Josh Morgan? I guess those guys dont count. Maybe if Williams had stayed healthy he would be getting more reps
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