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Question for 49ers Fans...

This would have been better as a poll. That being said.....Deese.
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Originally posted by Bluefalcon61:
Mike Walter

Mike Wilson

Evander Holyfield (Wait ..what was his name again?)

Jesse Sapolu

Jeff Fuller

dana stubblefield...... he played both ways didnt he?
Jeff Garcia, the guy gets no respect in the league and although there are many others that come to mind, Garcia had so much heart and fight in him!

Alex Smith
Garrison Hearst
Merton Hanks
Jeff Garcia
Derrick Deese
Charlie Garner

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Keena Turner

Charlie Young

Paul Hofer

Hacksaw Reynolds
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Defensive Line: Michael Carter and Pierce Holt were solid starters.

Offensive Line: Eric Heitman doesnot get enough credit. Gore has consecutive 1000 yd seasons, Gore is good but Heitman has gotten better each year and deserves some credit.

Linebacker: Gary Plummer, Ken Norton, Mike Walter all did their part to keep our Defense respectable.
eric davis, always thought he was a really good corner, and it killed the team when he went to carolina
Originally posted by montana4ever:
Originally posted by InconvnientTruth:
john taylor

I 2nd

I agree 100%. I remember calling Gary Radnich to pay homage to him after retiring. He never did it.
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Keena Turner
FREDDIE SOLOMON - played in the shadows of Dwight Clark but was the stud WR

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