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GM McCloughan (possibly) stepping down????

Originally posted by danimal:
SD, they are never going to get it.

Bad Luck just happens to the Yorks. Sure, they are not responsible. No, they don't have anything to do with establishing a company environment that sets a tone for behavior that trickles down to every aspect of the organization. I am sure this environment had nothing to do with Scott deducing that it was OK to miss a bunch of work due to a divorce.

The optimists can explain every single fiasco with sound and true logic. Just don't ask them to try to explain the whole of these little non events in a total sense since Eddie D was relieved.

LOL. The Yorks do have many people fooled. But you can't fool me.
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Please use the other thread now. Thanks.
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And please make sure you are not flaming or inciting.
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