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We have the better backup QB in the NFC West

Originally posted by PA49ersfan:
Really? Another Carr thread! WTF? What is going on? Have you seen him play? I guess he could be a "Great #2".

Well I'm not even Talkin bout another carr thread. But ur right. Now he should compete for the startin job, and he ain't played a down yet.

We had the jto and hill experiment. Neither worked out so let's stay with smith for this year. And let carr talk himself right into that second spot for 2010. If smith fails, like smith, carr will be in his final year, and we got him and Davis.
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Well, Carr probably has more potential than Anderson due to being a former #1 pick, but Anderson has actually been to a Pro Bowl. I would probably have to say that Anderson is the better QB right now.
my backup qb is better than your back up qb

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